Uhmah Park

Month: March 2005

Youre Fucking Up Man

i see what the title says… but it doesnt relate to the fact that i havent posted anything new. but look at this shit year… these people clearly did not take a note from the good ol Commander In-Cheif G-Dub, and get a good team around them to help them out with shit that might be crucial to thier success as an organization lol. OJ: http://www.arlingtonoptimist.org/images/APC.jpg OJ: this is what happens when you got bad people on your team OJ: they had the wrong people review that shit….. OJ: and everybody who let that shit slide is going to hell […]

Mase Can You Please Stop Smokin La La

Mase Can You Please Stop Smokin La La Puff why try…I’m a thug, I’m a die high you remember that shit? that old puff and mase shit? everybody thought mase said puff wha imma ug immadahhah. well at least i did… because i never really tried to hear what that nigga was saying, because every time i heard the gotdamn song… i didnt want to hear it. every single time. even still, i couldnt help but ask my self… what in the fuck is immadahhah?! but a few years ago the homie was telling me that mase be saying some […]


“tough times dont last, but tough people do” i heard that some where a few weeks ago. i cant remember where for shit. but when i heard it, i said to my self… well damn, that is the damn truth. when i heard that… everything was pointing in the direction of being all good. but now… the last couple of days. ehhh. i dont know. shit could be worse, way the fuck worse… but shit aint great either. toped off by the bullshit today. i had to fucking to go fucking church. i can not stand that shit. ive been […]

Thanks Alot, You Fat FUCK!

i am irritated. henceforth i will speak as such. if you are a person who finds your self offended at the message that the following text offers, please… i invite you to click on that muthafuckin red x in the corner of your web browsing application, and immediately stop reading what i have to say. As for i could care less about you being offended. and if you are offended. i hope youre as offened as possible. i hope its the worst shit youve ever been offended by ever in your fucking life. i hope you never fucking forget it. […]

The Crunk Cruise

This was the Guckin Futz!! Kwasi : gotdamn i hate black ppl OJ : LOL Kwasi : this muhfucca was just in front of the cops or some shit Kwasi : was him looking into the camera cuffed and shit Kwasi : talking bout…i’m a drug dealer..i’m not a bank robber OJ : LMAO Kwasi : i’m a fuckin drug dealer Kwasi : i’m not a bank robber OJ : LOL Kwasi : wtf is wrong with the world OJ : lol i wonder what he was thinking OJ : oh theyll understand…. Kwasi : lol…like he was being honorable […]

I can do the robot!

sigh… for like the last two weeks… or so? lol all i have been hearing from like half the people i know that actually read this shit is the following: — NIGGA UPDATE YOUR SHIT!!!! — POST SOMETHING OR SOMETHING!!! — WHY HAVENT YOU UPDATED?!?!?! — Are you gonna stop blogging?? lol its funny how like at least 10 people can only ask or say a variety of 4 different phrases pertaining to one event lol. well not verbatum of course, but something along those lines. Anyway… no im not gonna stop blogging, and the reason i havnt is because… […]