Uhmah Park

Month: February 2005

Drunk By Myself

first off… i thank my God and anybody elses God, that i got home in once peice. because let me tell you. im fucking folded. its raining hard as fuck… and i couldnt see shit. im drunk and high as fuck. ive had a pretty ruff day. and the homie told me about this fuction that was going on in hollywood, like thrusday. and i told him i would go. but damn…. i swear i was so cool on actually going. but i said i would. i picked my self up, and shook that shit off (my bad day)…. TWICE! […]

It should be a crime to be this lazy

i know im lazy… i care… but then again. im too lazy to care. it would take too much work. i try to work on it. and i am. but i get lazy and say fuck it. if blinking wasnt an involentary function, id have dry eye problems for sure lol. im pretty sure its a crime some where some how to be this lazy. probably in jamacia where niggas got lik 7 jobs n shit. anyway lol. Max got his domain back, and for black history month, he has been doing reviews of black movies. he also has had […]

For $5,000 Would You…

before i ask this question… let me explain why i say, “Would you, for 5g’s”, because 5g’s aint alot of money… but it is, but it aint lol. its enough for you to say fuck it… i aint doing that shit!! but its enough to pay off some bills and buy something you been wanting to save up for. you know what time sayin? but chances are, if you would do it for 5k, youd do it for 50 bucks too lol. So now, on to my question. Would you, for Five Thousand Smackers, kiss a mentally retarded person? not […]

Goodbye, Old Friend.

Today… i said goodbye to an old friend. although many disliked him. he has really never done me wrong, when he could help it. i used to stick up for him time and time again. defended him from many threats and bullshit. i had is back. sigh, but times change. and shit changes… it just got harder and harder to defend him. he got old, he got slow. im an impatient internet surfer. so today i said goodbye to Internet Explorer. i had been using firefox on and off. but now… i am a full time firefox user. today is […]

You Look Like, You Smell Like…. Piss.

I have been called “mean” by just about everybody i know. Including both my parents. OJ is fucking mean. whatever… im not THAT mean. ive even heard of people ( no one in particular… honestly ) that did not want to fuck with me, because they was afraid that i was too mean… whatever. im not THAT gotdamn mean, not mean enough to strike fear in another human beings heart lol. anyway…. the other day ( maybe like the other month lol ) i was talkin to the homie, and i dont rememeber exactly what we was talking about, but […]