Uhmah Park

Month: December 2004


you want to bomb my house my main man? lmao wooo shit!!! im watching southpark right now. the one where cartman trys to spread xmas joy to iraq. and these niggas shot santas fat ass right out the muthafuckin sky. then they tourtured him with eletroshock therapy to his nuts… and santa hollars out… NOT SANTAS BALLS!! gotdamn lmao i damn near suffocated lol, maybe its one of those things you had to see… but i swear i almost pissed on my self laughin at that shit. then you have the fuckin only fuckin iraqi that speak english, and after […]

Yo Mamma Said You Fugly!

“you ugly, you ugly, yo mamma said you fugly!” does anybody remember what this is from? of course you dont, so imma tell you. its from this old ass movie staring goldie hahn and a buncha other niggas who i cant remember right now. and it was called WildCatz. it was about a female football coach. it was the guts. i used to watch that movie all the time when i was younger. fugly, for those who are unaware is short for “fuckin ugly” but yea… that shit is from when the cheerleaders were doing one of they cheers. shit […]

Maybe im trippin…

is it me? or do snoop and pharell come with the dryest proformances ever? dont get me wrong, i love snoop and pharell both, drop it like its hot is my shit. but them two niggas on stage…. gotdamn. fuck it, just play the video on the big screen. shit.

Oh… Hi!

man… isnt seeing people you went to highschool with the most awkward shit to ever happen? you know, like if you aint seen em in a long time. and they walk up on you, and they like “HEY!” and you gotta step back and try to remember who the fuck this person is… then you gotta look at them like… ummm i know i know you from some where, you look kinda familar. but different. OH! i used to know you long time ago! how are you doing!? and in the course of while youre talking to them, you have […]

The Food Network Porn Channel

pardon me… im sorta blowed. but im convinced i make perfect sense. recently, ive been watching the food channel more and more… because my room mate always has it on. why? she is trying to learn how to cook. shes actually made some pretty good shit. However, previously… like a month and a half ago… this is something she wasnt intrested in, but then one day out of the clear ass blue, its a new hobby of hers. well ok… fine do your thing holmes. shes getting all kinds of new cookware n shit… it goes down actually, because i […]

Tis’ The Season, Of The Parking Lot Stalker

I always feeeel like… somebodies waaaaaatchin mmmeeeeee i think the nigga that sung that song was a victim of a parking lot stalker. he was probably at some mall, this time of the year. the busiest shopping time of the year. he was probably done shopping, walking back to his vehicle. and all of a sudden he felt somebody lurking in the cut, watching him from behind, waiting paitently… probably heard a motor running, if it was dark… he probably saw a pair of head lights that never ended up passing him. yet… he could hear a car behind him. […]