Uhmah Park

Month: November 2004

Turn around!

AH YEA! My Raiders beat the broncHoes!!!! in the snow, no less… it goes down. they aint having the greatest season, but as long as they beat the fuckin brochoes… its alright. i DO realize they split the season series… and i DO realize that the raiders aint going to the playoffs. but! as long as they beat the gotdamn bronhoes at least once. im happy! this shit damn near turned around my hohum mood… the game was pretty damn live, i missed parts of it going to mcdonalds lol. but i saw the win! fuck jason elam! fuck the […]

The 3rd Annual Blowed Giving

… or it could be the 4th… but im not sure. im blowed at the moment… excuse me. So yea… The 3rd Annual Blowed Giving will be held this thursday… traditionally celerbrated by most as ThanksGiving. but since i dont partake in thanksgiving… and since alot of my friends dont, but everybody has the day off. we have fordged our own holiday. BlowedGiving. BlowedGiving is a gathering of friends and family at some ones house, it last from the time the owner of the house is avaliable to host a gather, till the time the owner passes out. What we […]

Son of a Bitch!

so im posted up watching my dvr, watching scrubs n shit… then i get a call. its 3am mind you. but my cell phone rings… i put my show on pause. dvr stands for digital video recorder… so basiclly, i tivo’d my shit. scrubs is one of my favorite shows. i catch up on back eps whenever i get a chance. and since im in the process of taking my life back. im off this gotdamn computer… and im watching some tv that isnt basketball, football, or sportscenter. gettin my laugh on n shit… i get a call… i pause […]

The Get Back…

For my new years resolution… I have decided i am taking my life back. ( i do realize that we are a month and some weeks away from 2005 ) From what? from this gotdamn computer… well not really. from my work. thats all i ever fucking do. for the past 4 years it seems like. i dont get any time to my self or for other personal projects. such as this site here, and learning new shit ( which could help a nigga with his work actually. ) So ive decided to only work 8 to 10 hours a […]

OJ doesnt blog no more…

thats not true really. OJ hasnt felt like blogging…. why? eh…. id rather play GTA SA. that shit is fun… and im hella far… im in the las vegas part. and i just jacked four cop bikes… that shit took me a few tries… and it was hella hard. and YES! i use cheat codes… fuck the dumb. i dont have all gotdamn year to be fucking with this shit. i can barely play this shit for an hour and a half… it gives me motion sickness… BAD! as a matter of fact… my head and stomach is fucked up […]

Be All That You Can Be

George Bush, is an insperation to me. That is correct. You read it right, and im dead ass serious. How in the fuck could G Dub possibly be an insperation to me? Well… i dont think most people see what i see. When i was younger, my mom taught me that EVERY thing has a bright side to it. Everything. i remember the day i learned that lession. Our refrigorator broke, and we had to use like 3 ice coolers as a make shift fridge. not for just a couple of weeks, but for MONTHS! the shit sucked! and i […]