Uhmah Park

Month: October 2004

Say you… say me…

Say any gotdamn thing!!! Will you please post an entry? lol ive been asked that by more than 10 people in the past few days. well, i would. but im fucking lazy. and i just havent gotten around to it. how bout that? However JD has posted an entry to wrap up the flight of the moon kricket entry, Entitled “Gone in 60 Seconds“, where he explains what his take on things and what the fuck happen when he left out the door with the moon kricket aka the BAMC. lol youll have to read the shit to figure that […]

Pam knows Tyrone Biggums

lol ha! Pam: how do ya talk on these joints Pam: its 50 bucks Pam: and plays mp3 OJ: ear peice i think Pam: nawwww Pam: i hate earpeices OJ: lol Pam: my momma be having the hookup.. she got some guy on the way here now with a 10 dollar microwave and a 10 dollar 13 inch tv OJ: a crack head? Pam: lmao.. first thing i asked her Pam: she said naw.. he get this shit from his job Pam: he prob stealing it OJ: lol u know? OJ: cuz he a crack head! Pam: lmaooo Pam: he’s […]

You go to HELL! You go to HELL and you DIE!

south park is the guts. and we will get back to that, in a minute. people tell me all the time, “OJ! youre going to hell!” or some shit like “OJ, youre going STRAIGHT to hell” , “you aint right, you know you goin to hell for that shit” and whatever other various way, you can inform a muthafucka of his postion when he gets to the afterlife. so, i will be paying it forward… and informing some other muthafuckas… of there place in the afterlife. The people that are going to hell (or SHOULD): The creators and writers of […]

Flight of the Moon Cricket

Im thinking about creating categories on this here blog. but if i were to actually go thru with it. i would only have one category: “The Trife Life Memoirs”. I think i really might do that shit lol. anyway… Some time ago, i dont remember how old i was. i think i was about… eehhh 17? 16 maybe? i was posted at home, another boring ass day in fontana. the phone rings; its some girl asking for Shawn. i inform her that she has the wrong number. She insisted that she didnt; for whatever reason ( warning sign number 1 ) and […]