Uhmah Park

Month: September 2004

A Few Statments

Garfield. Makes it cool to be fat…. well, not really. but funny. to everybody else… which i guess is kinda whats going on now. so basiclly, what we have is a fat cat… a cat with a personallity and a fuckin eatting problem mind you, this cat can also communicate with the humans on some sub level. so in essense, the Garfield comic strip pokes fun at fat lazy people with a very bad over eating problem. I cant wait for basketball season to start. and baseball to end. High Five, Scripted High Fives… is probably one of the lamest […]

The Weed Hangover

i was explaing this shit to somebody one day, and they just did not understand how one could possibly get a hang over from smoking weed. and i thought id share my explaination. yes yes… i know some people are looking at this title like ” IS THIS FUCKING POSSIBLE?!?! ” and im even sure the most stoneded of the stoneded are looking at the title like hell no…. but of course imma explain. Obtaining a weed hangover is very possible. and you can catch one, but fuckin around and doing the following… trust me. i know, ive been there […]

I Shall Sodomize Thee, With FURIOUS ANGER!

fucking shit! i can not stop laughing at the title of this shit lmao gotdamn the other day, i cant recall what i might have been doing. but i had a thought. i know every one has heard one person say this pharse to another: “ill put my foot in yo ass!” so yea, the other day… i took this phrase and for whatever reason, i decided to give this phrase some real thought. i will… put MY FOOT…. IN YOUR ASS! that is a threat! a pretty gotdamn serious threat if you ask me! think about that… if some […]

One eyes big brown snake!

of couse everybody watches the dave chappell show. and if you dont youre a sucka ass jive turkey. and youve seen the godzilla ep when dave is raising all kinda hell through japan and whatever… well… i had some asain people move behind me a few months back. and when i have my window shades open, you can see all in my room. and i like the sun shining in my room while im in here all day working my black ass off. and during the course of the day, like any ol normal day, i have to take a […]

YOU CAN FADE ME!!: The Wrap up!

Before you read this. it is imparitive that you read JD’s post first. beause this is the end of the story. and also… my gotdamn side of what the fuck happen. click here! so… since this nigga JD done already put a nigga out there like that. let me finish telling you what the fuck happen. the whole gotdamn story is fuckin accurate. JD’s dull as fuck ass janky nigga special clippers… was SNATCHING big ass patches of hair out of my head, with no reguards of humanity or anything fuckin decent. JD, Janky Barber number 1, thought i was […]

The Natural Born Killer Shoe

On Day, Long Long Ago. In Fontana CA. My father, JD, and my self were sitting in the office of one of our previous residences. my father and jd were passing a joint back and forth, and me? i was chatting, playing the Murder Was The Case Soundtrack. I believe they were smoking stress, and fuck that, i dont fuck with stress at all. i hate that shit. that shit is just plain terrible! so i passed. but anyway… i guess my dad got a lil TOO blowed. because in the middle of the track, Natural Born Killas by Ice […]