Uhmah Park

Month: August 2004

Everybody In The Chair Gettin Tipsy

Id like to start this shit off by saying. that i know alot of people think i aint shit. lol. so? but, if some shit is fucking funny… its just fuckin funny. i dont care what the situation is. Anyway… i was talking to Resha the other day, and she reminded me of some funny shit that happen long time ago. O.com (11:04:49 AM) : really what? Resha (11:05:03 AM) : nevermind timmy O.com (11:05:58 AM) : hey hey hey… O.com (11:06:08 AM) : none of that… lol i told you im sleepy lol O.com (11:06:17 AM) : you need […]

Little Shit Ive Noticed.

these are a few things ive noticed, and i would like to point out. Do you know the way to use ebay? Have you seen that commercial? you know the ebay commercial with the female in the glasses with carpel tunnel? First of all…. how did she get carpel tunnel? browsing ebay obsesively?? lol or did she trip and fall and fuck her wrist up practicing that lame ass dance. lol anyway… back to what i orginally wanted to talk about. The commercial starts off with ol girls husband asking her how to use ebay… and then she breaks into […]

Offending You On Purpose

if youve been to the homie Dell’s blogger… you may have caught the watermelon convo… but… theres more lol. at this moment… id like to point out the X on the top right on your browser. this conversation was hella ruff, mean and very insensitive lol. you DONT have to read the shit… but if you fuck around and get offended. and keep on reading, and get offended some more? lol so? your bad. O.com: yo Dell : what cracks nigga O.com : shit Dell : maurbey for vince? Dell : would you do it O.com : watchin the xgames […]

The Dance Of The Sugar Plum Faries

You know… from the nutcracker? this song makes me wanna fucking steal something! i dont know why… it just does. when dance of the sugar plum faries comes on… i just need to slide something in my pocket that i did not previously own. its werid? i dont know what the fuck my problem is. i feel the need to be hella sneaky, or steal something or be janky or something when that shit comes on. i dont know lol. just watch your fuckin valuables.