Uhmah Park

Month: July 2004


This shit here is the guts the music playing made this shit hella funny to me. that and the fact that the audience didnt realize that big ass whale was trying to eat dude till he kept trying to jonna his ass. but honestly… thats pinkos for you… this big ass muthafuckin whale just tried to fuck him up… and when the mad whale runs out of fuckin energy… the muhfucka gonna pet him like “awwww its ok. i know we be goin thru it some times, but we gone work it out…. ” lol lil do he know, that […]

Sleep if you dare!

Sleep if you dare / But death catch niggas when they sleep! if a muthafucka can tell me what song that line there is from. ill get you blowed (drunk or high or both lol) and i say that because… aint no way in the hell you can NOT be from LA and get that shit lol. so im confident im safe. but if some asshole in salt lake city gets it right… well you can hang that shit up. i hate utah, more than i do texas… fuck utah, and all thier sports teams. lol i actually only know […]


Its showtime yall… my cousin, and bestfriend… JD, has decided to enter the blogger world. and he is kicking off his shit with a Rebuttle ( rebuzzal, as he calls it ) to the bumble bee story. The shit is pretty fuckin halarious. lol but before you read that shit… id like to fucking point out… about the dude gettin his head cut off… i was NOT laughin at him getting his head cut off… i was laughin at the dude reading the note, and how he just caught an attitude all of a sudden… like AAHHH IM SO MAD […]

Side Notes 2

Today i was shown a picture of a black kid that looked very familiar to the Dad from that cartoon Family Guy. that shit was beyond funny. California is en feguo again. this is some true bullshit. The Michlen Man, have you ever looked at him? do you realize that he is made up of tires? have you ever peeped his color out? The Michlen Man is fucking white… but tires is black! Everywhere around the world… tires is fuckin black! what the fuck? lol i mean… i really do hate to scream racism here… but honestly… what else could […]

The Man League Scoring System

Im a male, I love women. I often talk about women with my friends and other males. This scoring system was developed from common factors that Ive heard males from every walk of life. All the special conditions and circumstances. All the points of views, needs and wants of guys every where have been packed and considered in this rating system. If you can find a hole in this system. I dont care. As far as Im concerned, this is the best thing there is and should be used often. Especially on the internet. The Man League Scoring System is […]


How can you tell you had a good ass weekend? when you get in your bed… sunday night / monday morning… and you can not remember what in the hell you did on friday night. like it will takes you a good 3 minutes to remember what happen. and you will damn near relive the whole night when you do remember… like OH YEA! and lucky for me… i remember what happen friday! ha! my memory isnt that shot to shit yet. Friday – Keisha (spelled her name wrong) had a birthday party midnight bowl thing over in torrance. Calvins […]

Dont Mess With Bill

This man Bill Cosby is upset at us, Black folk. And honestly i cant say he doesnt have a pretty good reason. He sees us headed for a pretty bad place, at least as far as i can tell, and from the things he is saying… it looks like it pains his soul. he sounds hella fustrated and concerned like any elder should be, when they see thier people in a not-so-great situation. we are having ( probably bout to have lol ) a pretty good discussion about it on soulcity… LURK ON! lol. join the board and discussion if […]