Uhmah Park

Month: June 2004

Side Notes

1. Kanye West needs to stop jumpin on niggas tracks that HE produces for them… and then outshining they ass. lol thats just mean. he did slum villiage and dialated peoples wrong. lol. 2. No Basketball, No Football Make OJ go, something something. SIGH!!! sportscenter is fucking saturated with baseball… this is some bullshit. baseball is the cure for insomnia… i watch that shit at night when i cant sleep. on the bright side tho… at least its summer and i can distract my self with drinking and partying. it goes down. 3. that slow motion shit by juvenille is […]

Say No to the Socks!

http://www.five27.com/socks/ lol i dont think ive ever showed yall ( like i know half the muthafuckas that read this shit ) this shit. its the gotdamn guts lol. (to me at least… ) let me explain… one day (long time ago), kwasi and kkarma saw a picture of me, dressed how a nigga be dressed, (i wont even go into what a niggas style of dress has been referred to n shit lol) and they started talkin shit like… ha ha ha… OJ dont be wearing no fuckin socks, OJ must be from hati or some shit! ha ha ha. […]

Back up off my fuckin nipples homie!

sigh… im going to type this out at the request of a dear friend of mine… her intials? PF ( lol inside joke lol ) but yea… im pretty sure any normal muthafucka would say to themselves, i wonder what the fuck that random ass title… has to do with what this nigga is about to fucking say? buss it. i used to have a cat when i was younger. we had 3 sets of cats growing up. the first set, is the set imma speak on. they were two all black cats. named Niger (mine… yes like the country) […]

Atkins, DoggyStyle

oh boy… i know this title is gonna be all fucked up in the search engines lol just a lil forward to the conversation if you will: when you start the atkins diet, like the third day you have NO gotdamn energy… and you wont have no energy, unless you constantly eat. its some werid shit to witness… and i bet it sucks to go thru…. Syl: did you know that there is atkins for dogs? Syl: and cats Syl: lol OJ: what?!?!?! Syl: ya OJ: this is getting out of hand! Syl: my tia was saying that she put […]

One Is A Genius

“yea, we’re kinda like pinky and the brain… me and you.” if somebody EVER says this to you. and you have to ask…. “well, which one of us is Pinky?” chances are… You’re Pinky, homie! Congraduations muthafucka.

Celerbration! Part 2

alright… i know i said i was gonna post an update of the shit that went down for my second birthday party for my 25th birthday, like LAST week. lol it could have been two weeks ago. who knows? ive been busy lol. i got some things ive been working on. it should crack. anyway…. like i stated before. i celerbrated my birthday for a pretty long time…. from May 21st to May 31st. Friday the 21st till that next monday, memoral day. i think i actually took that day to rest. So, we already know what a nigga did […]

Guess what happen to me today?

i droped my muthafuckin cell phone, in the muthafuckin toilet! ugh nigga huh? well the toilet was piss-less before i droped that bitch in there. so i escaped having to reach my hand in a piss filled toilet bowl. however… my phone was still muthafuckin folded! it was about to get back to workin for a second. then it decided to just say fuck it and the muthafucka died on me. it was a 300 dollar phone and a nigga didnt have no muthafuckin ins. ! bitch! what a dumb ass problem to have! huh? i was all prepared to […]

But can you spell it?!?

a few weeks back… the funnist shit happen. this little boy at the national spelling bee, fucking fainted when asked to spell a word he had never heard of and didnt know exsisted. wooooooo it was one of the top 10 funniest things to happen this year, i promise. He steped up to the mic, with his hands tuked firmly in his pockets, they told him to spell some long ass word ( like imma know how to spell it… honestly! ). This little muthafucka eyes got SO BIG! it was like he had just seen the most shocking shit […]

Celerbration! Part 1

I have been celerbrating my 25th birthday for about the last 10 days! and ive been having the time of my fuckin life! gotdamn! i even have the pictures to prove some of it. not all of it. because ive been drunk as fuck and high as hell for most of the more memorable moments. lets recount! friday the 21st. ( the first day of gemini season! ) late that night, i went out to my parents house. me and my sister planned a lil get together for me and my dad. see… my dads birthday is on the 22nd […]