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Say It Loud!!

Im Black and im Proud!!!

lol the other day at fatbuger i played that shit on the juke box. with a diner fulla white people. me and the homie thought it was pretty damn funny lol. nobody else laughed tho.

i also played that all blues by miles daivs off the kind of blue album. ( one of my favoirtes ) and Round Midnight, by Charlie Parker.
Hot shit!

On GP (General Purposes)

The Duce Fifth

This day, the 27th of May, marks the 25th year of my being. Thats right. today is my birthday… and im turning 25 years old.

What am i doing today? more than likely ill be working today. When i offically wake up for the day that is… im still up from yesterday, which was that niggas calvins birthday by the way. fuckin rat bastard. i didnt see that killacal eve bullshit he posted on his shit. then he let me go with my joke about him being a candle light in the sun. but it was lamed out because he beat me to it. but i didnt know till later.

Anyway… im sitting here thinking of about year i had. i had a cool year. it wasnt all bad. it was pretty great actually. lets see… last june. i went to a buncha parties. and got drunk and real blowed often. actually… that whole summer all i did was smoke drink and club. i used to be drunk as hell on tuesdays at 2pm. for no reason… other than i lived across the way from the livest bartender ever! he would have me super fucked up. and you cant taste the liquor in his drinks. so you think youre cool and you go have like 2 and 3 more. before you knew it… youre sayin and doin all kinda blowed shit.

Also… this summer my God Daughter Essence was born. Me and that nigga RJ went to go see her when she was born. and i was bangin that neptunes album thru the parkin lot, loud as fuck. i got in the parking structure and rode hella slow all the way to the top and set off a buncha car alarms. that shit was funny when i realized i was setting off car alarms, because i didnt hear them. i didnt really realize until i started to see all kinda lights flashin behind me. i found it ammusing at least. Track 9 ( i think ) – Snoop, it blows my mind. thats my shit.
this last summer i also started back talking to my sister. i had to stop dealin with her ass for a lil while. she pissed a nigga off. but were cool now.
i met a lot of cool people this last summer, i kicked it with errin alot this summer ( i miss errin a whole lot ), i managed to keep a girlfriend over the summer ( and into the winter – we had fun tho ). i think thats it.

This last October i spent a week in The ATL again. that shit cracked. it was hella fun. I met Deah and all her friends. i like them… they was cool. i still cant really believe that Deah got me to do that shit.

And oh yea… i got a house in October/November also. i told my dad one day… when i was like 22. that i would have a house before i turned 25. i dont know how or when. because my credit was all fucked up ( still is lol ). but… i was determine. and here it is. at 24 i got my first house. and i love it! the neighbors can kiss my natural black ass. but yea. its great.

We had another Blowed Giving that was hella fun and great. i was toe-back like a sumbitch! a buncha people came thru.

John got married. i cant remember when that was tho. he got married in big bear, and it wasnt cold. so it was probly in the summer too actually.

i went to TWO laker games. the first one, we had 16th row seats. they were pretty close. that was the game against the cavs, when kobe fucked his shoulder up. they won tho. then the other game we went to, we had box seats vs the clippers. now that was the greatest shit ever! we had a gang of people with us. my dad even went. we had a good ass time. Lakers won that game too. it was a close game and went down to the wire. it was hella exciting! great great great! i love the lakers!!

I went to the Rookie All Star game… that shit was great. i damn near ran into robert parrish. thats a big lanky muthafucka.

i found out that i could recieve affectoin just the way i want it, like almost perfect. like no lil complains or shit i just had to miss out on ( if you dont count sanity ). i didnt really think it was possible. i thought 80% was as high i was gonna get. but i fucked around and found high 90’s. it cracked for a nice lil while. then… well. went to shit, hella fast lol… like, it was all good just a week ago – then… shit, no anything. lol. while she might be great still. she still be on tha shit. fuckin with her, made me finally see why some black men dont will not fuck with a black woman for shit. i actually know a couple. and ive actually asked and talked to them about it, and they say, they wont fuck with a black female because they feel like black woman have this kinda fucked up attitude about them. like they always mad at somethin or some shit. they trip on you too much. they dont ever listen to shit you got to say. its always they way, and they cant sit down and reason witha muthafucka or no shit. even when they do. its a waste of fuckin breath.
and i used to swear they was fuckin crazy. like… i couldnt believe that any black dude would really feel that way about any black female. my whole thing was. i knew most of that shit they say is true. but i dont mind any of that shit… i actually like most of that in a girl. ( except a muthafucka who wont listen to good reason ). i love a girl with attitude. that shit is attractive. but i guess to these niggas, it aint. But fuckin with ol girl. i saw all of it. i saw how a nigga can be driven to not want to fuck with any black female ever. espcieally runnin to a buncha muthafuckas like ol girl. Now im not sayin, that if i meet enough black women who refuse NOT to be on some shit… that id jump ship? Hell no! i cant image that really. but still. i could see where somebody who would… could. and refuse to come back lol fuckin around with her and her gotdamn cheerleadin, joke killin, mini me ass friend. her bein on some of that same bullshit, felt like attack of the clones or somethinn. it was awful. anyway. i thought… well, if i know it can happen once. then i know it can happen again. and hopefully she will be blessed with reason and not make up retarded shit for no good reason at all.

and just last week, i was reaquanted with my the girl who i had it bad for just a few years ago. and still kinda do. i compare every girl i know to her. i dont think ive ever had this much chemistry with any girl ever. well maybe like two. one was el pollo loca who i was just talkin about. anyway. i havent seen her in like 4 years. and i saw her last friday and we kicked it till sunday. and it was great. we got to catch up on alotta shit. alot of shit that i thought might have been true, was. and i found out some shit that i didnt even know about. i cant really expressed how much i enjoyed that weekend. even tho it was my 2nd weekend in a row spending the night in fontana. then all of a sudden. a week goes by, and blam. shes gone again. just like that. i couldnt believe it. but, i have to live with it. sigh… i didnt feel like i got in enough time. that shit ruiened my weekend just a lil bit.

And speaking of this weekend that just passed. i had a lil birthday get together at my parents house with my people out in fontana. ( and im having another one saturday in hollywood, with my la peoples ) so much happen that weekend… it was retarded. it deserves its own post. which i plan to make. along with pictures and video! although it was clouded by some disheartning shit. i unknowingly drank the pain away… even tho i was still talkin about it. (so i guess i didnt really lol). none the less… i felt better, so it cracks.

This year should crack. i think im ready for my life to change up a lil but more… for the postive. imma have to step my work up.

and for the firs time ever. i can really just imagine how hard for it is for some people to read my non-spellin ass blogger. plus bad grammer? gotdamn… that would fustrate the shit out of me! i know some asshole has come cross this site like. “fuck him! he cant spell wortha gotdamn! i cant aint bout to decode that bullshit!” lol oh well… fuck it. lol

anyway… im higher than the fuckin light bill. and ive ate almost a whole thing of pringles. imma black out.

On GP (General Purposes)

The Glove

edit: i was so gone… i forgot to give this bitch a title till the next morning lol

i was minding my own business… unsober as hell.

and i had a thought: Why do cartoon characters wear gloves?

What point does that serve? isnt it already absurd enough that some animal can stand on two feet and talk already. not only talk… but talk shit. and to just make the murder all the way complete… they put gloves on the mutahfucka?
and then… to make shit even more fucked up… some animals, dont wear gloves. they have fingers, but no gloves. like… daffy duck. no gloves. Bugs Bunny… gloves! why?? what the fuck was he wearing gloves for? the muthafucka didnt have shit else on… except for fuckin gloves. is it just me… or is something wrong with this picture? he walked on big bunny feet. but didnt have bunny hands. the muthafucka had on a part of white gloves, that never really got dirty mind you. have you ever seen when he took them shits off? he looks SUPER naked! gotdamn lol. never mind that really… noremally, he is a naked ass rabbit with ONLY gloves on normally.

Mickey Mouse… why does a rat, fuckin need gloves? not only did he have gloves… he had on fuckin booty shorts and dress shoes with no socks! jollier than a sumbitch. lol what kinda name is mickey for a male anything? anyway… he sported gloves. Donald… a duck ( like daffy ). he had no gloves. BUT… the muthafucka used to wear a sailor hat, and a sailor jacket… a JACKET… but no pants ?!?!? but yea… back to my point. where are his gloves? Goofy, had gloves. and i think he was probably the first fully clothed cartoon character.

lets see… porkey pig… had no gloves, but had hoves for feet. porky had fingers you could see. that made no sense. Foghorn leghorn didnt have gloves either… neither did the dogg.

actually… now that i think about it, and ive done a little bit of blowed research. they were the only charcters for thier respective sets that did wear gloves. so when you wear gloves, do that signify youre some kinda leader or some shit?

i dont know… im confused now.

blowed people have blowed thoughts… and im about to get me some good sleep.

On GP (General Purposes)

Back down memory lane…

i was bumpin my oldies last night ( extra unsober )… and decided to look thru old pictures and ended up posting them shits in my photogallery.

and since i have a lil time to kill… i thought id share a lil bit. These pictures are extra old… they are post highschool, BARELY! these are circa 97 to about 2000. when a nigga was broke and in school. actually from 97 to 2000 a buncha different shit happen. in some of these pictures i was at home visiting from phoenix. some of them i was already graduated and not being an architech like i was suppose to be, and doing all kinda other shit. and i think a couple of these i was fresh out of highschool. and for some reason… i have a tendancy to take pictures at different times with the same shit on ( if anybody has ever noticed ). like some of these pictures werent even taken in the same year… yet. i have the same fuckin sweatshirt on… probably because its my favorite sweatshirt, ( i have two now ) but still. eh… anyway.

This picture here, i think i was about 20. and i dont know who took that picture or why they was so damn close to me at the time lol. but thats how i look with no hair on my face. if i shaved all my shit off tommorrow. id look eactly like this lol.

Wooo, this shit here! When i moved home from phoenix… i weighed like 195 pounds ( im a healthy 230 now ). i was that starving student back in AZ boy… gotdamn lol. i used to never eat lol. i remember the homie Todd ( not the one in the picture ), this cool white dude i used to go to highschool with… he saw me when i was on my way walkin into the grociery store one day. and he was like ” oh wow! OJ! how ya doin man… long time no see! ” and all that.. then… this muthafucka kinda steped back… and looked at me again like what the fuck? then, he leans in… because he wasnt trying to put me on blast like that… and he asked me ” dude… youre not on drugs or anything, youve lost a LOT of weight man! ” this nigga rj, who was with me at the time, feel the fuck out. that shit was so funny. i had to explain how i just got back from college and a nigga wasnt eating all the time. shit was the guts!

The Gangsta Mobile! Damn… this car gave me so much trouble. not because it was a bucket… actually it ran real good. me and my dad took care of the engine and working parts of the car. but just because this is the prefered transportation of the california gang member. these ( 84 oldsmobile cutlass supreme ). ive gotten pulled over in this car so much… ive been hit up in this car too many times… niggas done pulled on the side of me madd doggin a nigga somethin cold. on some… where you from homie? i remember one time i was on crewenshaw, and got pulled over TWICE in the same hour. got pulled over on crewnshaw and imperial… then on crewnshaw and praire. same shit happen another time in culver city too actually. i was pissed lol.

TTP The Peoples Pipe! This was JD’s baby for a long ass time. he used to make the muhfuckas that smoked out of it sign it. lol this nigga was convinced it got you way higher than you would normally be if you smoked a blunt or some other shit lol. i emailed him and asked him what happen to it earlier… he said somebody broke that shit long time ago. dah well.

gutty shit…. lol this shit… i used to have this picture on my black planet page with a graphic stateing how i refused to sign anybodys fuckin guestbook. that shit still irriates me, every time i think about it lol. i hate guestbooks lol.

this picture here i dont know where i was goin… or what the fuck i was cheesin for. i miss my cal hat tho lol. imma have to get another one. Anyway. if you look to the left. those are some other older pictures of me.
in the very top left corner. thats my Senior picture. i was 17 and i love the shirt i got on in that shit. if i wouldnt have ripped a big ass hole in it. id still wear it to this day, i swear. The picture to the right of that, of me in the lil heart. thats one of my many baby pictures. i had a lil fro lol. The picture down to the left of that. of me in the white shirt… hmm ive been staring at that shit trying to remember what grade i was in when i took that picture. i think it was 4th or 5th grade. and i had on my FAVORITE white guess shirt, this shit was dope… it was patterened with the guess question marks but the pattern was like white or like a silvery white color and you could only see them shits at the right angle lol. The picture down to the right of that in the black circle frame. is another one of my baby pictures. i dont know which one i was older in. but let my mom tell it. i had the face i had in that picture because i had just finished crying because i had just got my ass WHOOPED! thats right… i was a bad ass ghetto child lol. to the left of that picture is my 3rd grade picture. in my favorite shirt at the time. i remember one of my friends had the same exact shirt and he wore his shit on picture day too. the two pictures below that are from the 5th and 6th grade i believe. im not sure tho. one of em, it look like im naked in… but the shirt matched my skin tone lol. And finally… the picture way at the bottom… that doesnt look like me. that is a shawdow with a smile. thats fuckin Lonnie. thats his senior picture. as calvin stated earlier… thats the orginal “Darkness” lol at one point… Lonnie was the darkest person id ever seen ever lol. i know he has been catchin all kinda “Ahhhhh DARKNESS!” hell since that rick james episode came out. woooo that shit almost makes me wish we was still cool so i could laugh. …. almost. lol.

Thats all the sharing imma do for now. of course there are more photos in that lil gallery. but im not about to sit here and speak on all them shits.
i have shit to do.

i think imma post some more old ass pictures one day.

On GP (General Purposes)

Jose, you’re a fuckin traitor!

If you read the previous entry. It is painfully clear that i was a victim of a pretty cold hangover the other day.

What it was, was. The night previous, i had a few people over, and i made some margaritas for us. Now… on Cinco De Mayo… i made margaritas, and i had some vodka drinks with that shit too… and i ended up with a hangover. Sylvia had told me before… you cant mix tequilla with SHIT. because it will fuck you up the next day. so… me not listening, child of the ghetto style. Fuck that… its possible, if it wasnt… then a long island would always kick my ass. Welp… next day i had a hangover for most of the day…

Sylvia ALSO told my black ass… after 25, you cant fuck with tequilla anymore. its like promising your self a hangover. Did i listen? NO! and the end result? another muthafuckin hangover… this one wasnt AS bad as the first one. but it still sucked big mamoth balls!!! Gotdamn!

the next day… i went and ask my sister…. say, did you have a hangover from yesterday ( note: these are the few people i had over ). she says no… how old is she? 22. I ask my cousin RJ.. nigga… you have a hangover yesterday? nigga says no. he’s 22 ( or 23? ) i asked my homegirl who i havent seen in years ( i missed her! )… Natacha… you have a hangover? she also says no… she just turned 24.

This is bullshit! Sylvia stuck that shit to me the next day talkin all kinda shit… i told you i told you… you never listen to me! i dont even feel sorry for you!

Jose Cuervo, turned his back on me! ( just looking at the site makes me sick )Friday i was feeling SO great… i was drunker than a muthafucka. having a merry old time with my sister my cousin and an old friend. jolly as could be. but the next day? pain and suffering! dispair and misery! dejection and gloom! i felt like i had fuckin sold my soul to the devil the next day. gotdamn! and the fucked up thing is… i woke up feeling fine… soon as i took like 5 steps… that shit hit me like: SURPRISE NIGGA! here is your unhealthy ass dose of UNGOOD! No amount of mylanta made me feel better ( if yall didnt know… mylanta is the cure for hangovers… in most cases lol ) i was gulping down water. my ulcer was PISSED OFF at me all day! had me taking UNHOLY shits all the next day… shit sucked!


i could go for some salmon.

On GP (General Purposes)

One Tequilla, Two Tequilla…

have you ever seen that shirt that says ” One Tequilla, Two Tequilla, Three Tequilla, FLOOR! ”

lol that shit always makes me laugh.

and sadly, thats how i feel right now… except i was FRUNK AS DUCK yesterday night. good lord. but at the moment, im feeling like im on the floor. stuck as fuck. i say that because, im not sure if i have a hang over really. im just… fuck. i dont know

imma have to leave tequilla alone. at least that jose shit. fuck! jose aint to be fucked with.

fuck. imma go lay down.

On GP (General Purposes)

MC Search

i still like that gas face track… that shit is classic material! Right now… Calvin’s Sell out ass would be a reciepiant of a sour ass gas face. Now that i think about it lol.


I swear, i dont publish this shit with any real intentions, other to tell a story about something that happen to me. or to give my view on shit i see and might happen to be apart of.
Today i was looking thru the searches that people proform on this site… and i have to say. some people must really remember shit because they are Calling for real specific shit. Like: “BumPorn” Now i swear to GOD, if forgot all about this shit lol. when i saw it in the logs… i thought to my self. Fuck… somebody is disturbed as fuck! BumPorn? what the fuck? But… i am not sober. so i had a second thought. that was this: ” nigga you know? you might have said that.” so i went with it… curious to find what a muthafucka might find when they did that search on my site ( imma have to try google in a second lol ). and low and behold. i do have a fucking entry about BumPorn!
i read that shit like OH YEA!?!? Im the guts for that shit.
And that is actually my WHOLE reason for starting this fuckin thing. Because i wanted to write down some of the retarded shit i say, think, and have done/been thru/whatever else. i wanted to write it down and have a archive, so i can read back thru them. and possibly get a laugh or 8.
and once again. i have served me well. i like when i do that!
Anyway… another search was for The Ghetto Snack Hour ( which imma have to bring back now that i think about it! because i did that shit earlier. ). Now there is no way in the fuck somebody wasnt looking for that specifily. i just read that shit and was laughin like a muthafucka. like i didnt write the shit. lol. i was thinking of shit, and then there it would be right in the next sentace. it was werid lol.

Somebody searched for BMG. probably him lol. somebody else searched for Wendell and then right after that, Dub. that was probably him. but there aint no tellin with all the Wendell groupies around. Muthafuckas be talkin that shit about me, but that there is the nigga with the e-following. and he dont even got a gotdamn website! lol

i dont know who would have done a search for even tho i still thing thats a dope website.

somebody did a search for Meano Mandingo Now that shit was the guts. thats some Five27 exclusive shit lol. youre not going to see that shit anywhere else! lol.
i come up with some outlandish shit sometime.

Anyway. my intentions were not to be funny really when i started this. or shit… even now when type shit out. What it is…. is. the person that i am. i think of the most FUCKED UP THING POSSIBLE to say first. then i try my best to take steps down from that. sometimes i can make it. sometimes i cant… and i say some mean shit. and people get mad, or if im NOT talking about you, then other muthafuckas have a tendancy to laugh at the cost of some unfortuanate shit. Which makes You, the Reader ( who laughed ) just as fucked up as me. HA!

Anyway… that ghetto snack hour shit has me wanting a cheese toast something serious.

On GP (General Purposes)


Muthafuckas is selfish. and they dont even know it.

Say, you ask me to go to an event… like your graduation. and i say… naw im good, ill come to that post graduation get together though.
How you gonna get mad at me… because i dont wanna attend your graudation ceromony? i was fucking being truthful in my answer! how can a muthafucka not apperciate that? how? because muthafuckas is SELFISH! im telling the truth… however, this asshole wants to have an attitude. fucked up? i think so.
What do you want me to do? Lie? i could always say… yea… imma be there… and not show the fuck up. come to the post graduation thing…( because thats what i really wanted to do in the first muthafuckin place! ) and bullshit you on some, yea sorry i missed the graduation., umm i got caught up. but im here now!
or be SUPER Skanless ( like my self ) and come at the END of the fuckin graudation. and then hug them afterwards and clap n shit… like you stat yo ass there for 3 hours. bored as fuck. ( just like they probably are, mind you, in the heat. Not everbody sits there and thinks about thier future for 2 and a half hours ) give them a big ass hug like Congradulations!!!
of course i could be skanless or just a flat out liar. but no… i tell you what im REALLY feeling, so you dont waste your fuckin time… and end up pissed off eventually Any-muthafuckin-Way. but people dont like to look at it that way. what it really is. Your mad because i didnt tell you want you wanted to hear. they get pissed and say YOURE the asshole, and YOURE fucked up. because muthafuckas is selfish.
Thats some punk ass shit to be mad at, really.

So yea, its my beleif that most people are generally selfish. and cant accept the truth. ( because the truth hurts )

And if you cant tell by now. “Sober” is not an adjective that would be accurate in my current discription.

But thats the way i feel. sober or not.

This is me… signing off, from the 2nd moon of mars.
Good Day.

On GP (General Purposes)

OJ, Youre Fucking Up!

if you didnt notice… for like 3 days. my site disappeared.

my official responce: shit, nigga… oops.

what happen was. the email that the reminders are sent to for domain experation were deleted, because of a record breaking 90+ spam emails a day. so i had to delete that shit… and i never updated my shit. so… you know. shit came around. a nigga wasnt aware… and it fucked me all up lol
lucky i got my shit back… and it cracks.

anyway… in other news ( as max would say )

i meet Heidi Fliess today. she was pretty nice. i was on hollywood blvd. syl and i passed her shop and decided to walk in… and long and behold. she was posted. working the register. she said that all of her empolyees was off doing other shit so she was in the front for a lil while.
Cool shit huh? sylvia got an autographed copy of her book… Pandering, lol gutty shit huh? its pretty cool… visualy at least… i havent looked thru it too tuff yet.

moving on… i guess ill type till i get tired of typing. umm , lets see… today i went to Lowes and got my super browse on ( this isnt my first time doing this ). Since a nigga is a home owner now ( with shitty credit, mind you ) im looking to get my home improvment on. I want to lay down some tile and hardwood floor… but paying somebody to do that shit is hella expensive! im like fuck… but i figure… if a muthafucka with OUT a high school diploma can do it… i sure in the fuck can! im pretty decent with my craftmanship. it goes down. so, imma start with my hall way. AINT NO TELLING when imma fuckin start… i have a buncha web project that i have to get out the way… but, imma take some classes n shit at home depot or something… and its gonna go down. i wanna make the inside of my house ( i have a decent sized condo ) look like a brown stone kinda. i want hardwood floors in the hallway and in the living room and in the office in the front. i want to tile the bathrooms ( 2.5 ) and the laundry room. i also wanna redo my kitchen and… blah blah blah…. fuck this.

On GP (General Purposes)

Would this be werid?

Damn. i need to stay on top of updating this damn thing. ive been BULLSHITING! oh well lol. anyway.

the other day i went to walmart, and before i got there… i had ALL intentions on purchasing the following items:

a box of condoms
a tooth brush
and that new mr clean auto dry car wash shit.

and thats it. but of course… we all know, once you are over taken by the magic of wally world… there is no way youre going to come out of there with JUST what you went in that bitch for.

but yea… i was on my way up there, and i was thinking to myself. Damn… the walmart clerk ringing my shit up is gonna look at me sideways, i know it! lol because i know I would! ( please God, dont let me end up a Walmart Clerk )
Then my mind continued to wonder… if i was ringin up a muthafucka shit, and thats all he had, id probably come up with some crazy ass story about this guys intent as far as those three items were concerned. something like… he is about to go to some girl house… wash her car ( the car wash shit )… and she is probably gonna be all happy with her nice clean car… he probably KNOW he is gonna get some ass ( the condoms )… and he obviously plans on spending the night ( the tooth brush ). lol
i had a nice little chuckle. thats not what really was going on though. what was really crackin was… a nigga was plum out of condoms, my toothbrush was getting old, and my car was dirty lol. and i couldnt just wait for a walmart trip to get those three things. However… me going up to walmart ended up being a mini walmart trip ( im sure everybody has walmart trips lol ). i got a whole buncha shit. and didnt even get the mr clean auto dry shit… because my water hose isnt long enough to reach the back of my car. oh well.
I was also thinking, i wonder what other people would think, and if i wrote this shit out in my blogger… would they post thier own lil story of what they would think in my comments ( read: open invitation to actually do that shit )

speaking of condoms tho…. have you ever seen those condoms that say “family pack” on the box? and there are like 10 condoms in the box? the first time i saw that shit… it didnt really spark my thought process until like 10 steps after i saw them shits.
Family pack? what kinda shit is that? first of all… there are TWO main reasons a muthafucka puts on a condom… one, is to prevent catching a STD. the other one, which is just as important i might add, is to prevent catching a K I D. i honestly dont know which is worse lol. Catchin some fucked up ass desease that make your dick look like fuckin leaky, sappy, tree bark is just as bad as catchin a child from some female you really wasnt trying to have one with in the first place. either way, youre fucked something cold and hard lol. not only that… but chances are youre fucking STUCK with both them shits for the rest of your days! cold shit lol.
But yea… that brings me to my next point… if youre wearing a condom… youre trying to PREVENT actually having a “Famly”. so why call a big ass pack of condoms a “family pack”? are they trying to tell you something? like “look here dogg… youre buying a LOT of condoms… more than likely youre doing alot of fuckin… now, its common knowledge that condoms aint 100% effective, more like high to mid 90’s… which is pretty good. but! you over here doing all this fuckin… we aint gonna be able to come thru every single time… you feel me?” lol
I dont know… that just kinda fucked with me when i saw it. because i know damn well when they say a Family Pack of condoms… they not talking about the same shit when they say a Family Pack of Sunny Delight or Doritos or some shit lol. it aint for muthafuckas to be dippin in the community pot like that lol. i can hear that shit now…
“Say mom! we’re out of trojans!”
and dudes mom is on some “oh ill pick some up when i go to walmart tommorrow”
and dude replies “Gee Wiz Ma! i was trying to cut somethin tonite!”
lol gutty shit. lol ok, im done lol.

Moving right along… i havent been updating shit lately. and if you keep up with me and what i got going on over here… youd know that i have a photoblogger i havent updated since febuary. Well, the Uhmenhiem has been updated, as of yesterday i believe, with a few new shots. speaking of which… i need to fix that shit. the comments is fucked up. im going to TRY to update that shit AT LEAST once a week… this shit here too. but i make NO promises!
Oh yes…. speaking of shit that should be updated… if you didnt know… there is a new episode of STG posted… well… it was like last week lol. but still… i aint posted since then… so hey. Man… me and calvin have been bullshiting with that shit lol… but we are both on the once a week update plan too lol.

Ummm what else.
Oh yea… there was a lil question thing going around on peoples bloggers like last week… and i was JUST about to do it. when that lil voice in the back of my head was like “Nigga, have you forgotten? You dont like to be asked questions!”
i almost fucked around a BLEW it lol. I hate to be asked questions… not all the time… but MOST of the time. like 70% lol. especially dumb ass questions lol. i couldnt promise id not say something fucked up to somebody who asked me a question i thought was plain retarded. it really would depend on my mood and how sober i was or wasnt, when i decided to answer the shit. lol thats just the way i am. cant help it. the only question i liked to be asked is: “… how much would it cost, if….” and only from people with money. lol
i think i might tho… i wonder what people would ask me. it aint like im too open about myself on this shit ( or any other time for that matter ) i wonder what people would want to know ( read: NOT an open invitation like earlier ). Maybe one day.

And who knows when that will be, because im starting to realize why i dont blog so often. These gotdamn entries take me FOREVER to type up. gotdamn!