Uhmah Park

Month: May 2004

Say It Loud!!

Im Black and im Proud!!! lol the other day at fatbuger i played that shit on the juke box. with a diner fulla white people. me and the homie thought it was pretty damn funny lol. nobody else laughed tho. i also played that all blues by miles daivs off the kind of blue album. ( one of my favoirtes ) and Round Midnight, by Charlie Parker. Hot shit!

The Duce Fifth

This day, the 27th of May, marks the 25th year of my being. Thats right. today is my birthday… and im turning 25 years old. What am i doing today? more than likely ill be working today. When i offically wake up for the day that is… im still up from yesterday, which was that niggas calvins birthday by the way. fuckin rat bastard. i didnt see that killacal eve bullshit he posted on his shit. then he let me go with my joke about him being a candle light in the sun. but it was lamed out because he […]

The Glove

edit: i was so gone… i forgot to give this bitch a title till the next morning lol i was minding my own business… unsober as hell. and i had a thought: Why do cartoon characters wear gloves? What point does that serve? isnt it already absurd enough that some animal can stand on two feet and talk already. not only talk… but talk shit. and to just make the murder all the way complete… they put gloves on the mutahfucka? and then… to make shit even more fucked up… some animals, dont wear gloves. they have fingers, but no […]

Back down memory lane…

i was bumpin my oldies last night ( extra unsober )… and decided to look thru old pictures and ended up posting them shits in my photogallery. and since i have a lil time to kill… i thought id share a lil bit. These pictures are extra old… they are post highschool, BARELY! these are circa 97 to about 2000. when a nigga was broke and in school. actually from 97 to 2000 a buncha different shit happen. in some of these pictures i was at home visiting from phoenix. some of them i was already graduated and not being […]

Jose, you’re a fuckin traitor!

If you read the previous entry. It is painfully clear that i was a victim of a pretty cold hangover the other day. What it was, was. The night previous, i had a few people over, and i made some margaritas for us. Now… on Cinco De Mayo… i made margaritas, and i had some vodka drinks with that shit too… and i ended up with a hangover. Sylvia had told me before… you cant mix tequilla with SHIT. because it will fuck you up the next day. so… me not listening, child of the ghetto style. Fuck that… its […]

One Tequilla, Two Tequilla…

have you ever seen that shirt that says ” One Tequilla, Two Tequilla, Three Tequilla, FLOOR! ” lol that shit always makes me laugh. and sadly, thats how i feel right now… except i was FRUNK AS DUCK yesterday night. good lord. but at the moment, im feeling like im on the floor. stuck as fuck. i say that because, im not sure if i have a hang over really. im just… fuck. i dont know imma have to leave tequilla alone. at least that jose shit. fuck! jose aint to be fucked with. fuck. imma go lay down.

MC Search

i still like that gas face track… that shit is classic material! Right now… Calvin’s Sell out ass would be a reciepiant of a sour ass gas face. Now that i think about it lol. Anyway… I swear, i dont publish this shit with any real intentions, other to tell a story about something that happen to me. or to give my view on shit i see and might happen to be apart of. Today i was looking thru the searches that people proform on this site… and i have to say. some people must really remember shit because they […]


Muthafuckas is selfish. and they dont even know it. Say, you ask me to go to an event… like your graduation. and i say… naw im good, ill come to that post graduation get together though. How you gonna get mad at me… because i dont wanna attend your graudation ceromony? i was fucking being truthful in my answer! how can a muthafucka not apperciate that? how? because muthafuckas is SELFISH! im telling the truth… however, this asshole wants to have an attitude. fucked up? i think so. What do you want me to do? Lie? i could always say… […]

OJ, Youre Fucking Up!

if you didnt notice… for like 3 days. my site disappeared. my official responce: shit, nigga… oops. what happen was. the email that the reminders are sent to for domain experation were deleted, because of a record breaking 90+ spam emails a day. so i had to delete that shit… and i never updated my shit. so… you know. shit came around. a nigga wasnt aware… and it fucked me all up lol lucky i got my shit back… and it cracks. anyway… in other news ( as max would say ) i meet Heidi Fliess today. she was pretty […]

Would this be werid?

Damn. i need to stay on top of updating this damn thing. ive been BULLSHITING! oh well lol. anyway. the other day i went to walmart, and before i got there… i had ALL intentions on purchasing the following items: a box of condoms a tooth brush and that new mr clean auto dry car wash shit. and thats it. but of course… we all know, once you are over taken by the magic of wally world… there is no way youre going to come out of there with JUST what you went in that bitch for. but yea… i […]