Uhmah Park

Month: April 2004


Zappitos = shoes in spanish. thats right people… im hear to educate. as much as i possibly can lol. but yea… i know spanish. a lil at least… pequinio. i SUCK at spelling spanish words tho… lol much like english words. spelling overall is somthing i aint good at. i remember my spanish 2 teacher. Mr. Torres. and by now… if it wasnt MISS Torres. i wouldnt be fuckin surprised lol. that muthafucka was so painfully obviously gay and femminie it hurts. this man was the child of lust of Richard Simmons and Balkey from perfect strangers…. on downers. because […]

Sucka Hairstyles…

thats right… see thats the life that i lead… and you sucka mc’s is who i feed… so take that… move back…. catch a heart attack… im watchin Run DMC video, sucka mc’s. on the music ondemand channel…. and why the video start off with some nigga on the ground, breakin … doin shoulder spins ( or whatever they was called… not exactly a head spin ) and this nigga is gettin jheri curl juice ALL over the fuckin floor… the floor is all shiney and wet n shit lol its fuckin halarious…. you just a sucka mc, you sad […]

I think…

I think…. – the new coors commercial with hits is the gotdamn guts. – marice clarett is another kobe waiting to happen. i also think that nigga got the worst skin possible. he look like he’s never washed his face. – the nfl bastards that voted for / came up with the new inzone celerbration rules are fun murdering facist assholes. dammit… i love football… and i love a good muthafuckin inzone clerbration. i like to see the shit that the different players to. i love that shit. its hella fuckin entertaining. its cool tho… old stickin the mudd muthafuckas… […]

Damn, Pedro!

right here… right now. i am taking a stand. a stand… agianst the jheri curl and its many donominations. like the s curl, finger waves, etc. anything where a muthafucka hair appears to be wet. lol i do realize that walking around with a pair of clippers and seeking out perps isnt exactly practical. the best i could come up with is open and public humilation by way of jokes. So, if you havent noticed. There is a pitcher for the boston red sox, by the name of pedro martinez, whos new look for this 2004-2005 baseball season includes jheri […]

I Wonder…

i wonder what goes thru a celerbrities mind when they figure that maybe… being in an old navy commercial, couldnt possibly be a bad thing? either that… or its like… im trying to get back in the game one step at a time… this is gonna crack! who knows. lol its late.

Am I Fucked Up?

damn lol. imma have to stop neglecting this thing. today… while in ralphs grociery store… my bowels decided it would be a fucking great time to get to movin. and since i have NO reservations about using anybodys public restroom… i found a friendly Ralphs employee, and asked for the location of the restroom. After making a right after the yogort… then a quick left. i was in the mens restroom. Now… usually when i use a public restroom… i use the handicap stall. like… always… thats the first thing i look for. every single time. ( am i the […]