Uhmah Park

Month: March 2004

I like meeting new people

Last Friday was pretty fun. The homie Drew invited me out to one of his homegirls birthday parties over at the lucky strike ( its a bowling alley ) in hollywood. it was basically me drew and two of the other homies… Deardis and Jesus… and like 10 attractive ladies, including the birthday girl… Danielle. and apparently… this man drew sends out the url to this lil peice of internet to his friends to laugh at ( if i so happen to write something gutty ). lol. so… im sittin up there shooting the shit… getting my mingle on. and […]

Genius and Stupidity

A wise man ( Albert Enstien i hear ) once said: The only different between Stupidity and Genius is, Genius has its limits. when i first heard that shit, i couldnt stop fuckin laughin lol. Anyway. I frequent walmart often. as im sure alot of people do. and for a long time, i couldnt understand thier security system. Now i cant speak for all the walmarts across the country. but i know most of the ones i been in. when you leave. they have some random ass senior citizen posted at the fuckin door. asking to see your receipt, you […]

Well Damn OJ

this could be long as shit. so yea… its been a min since i paid this thing any attention. and well… so? lol. a couple of things happen. too many muthafuckas asked me if i was “retiring from the internet/blogging” when i clearly stated that i would ONLY IF, AND ONLY IF…. ONLY IF… this thing started to fuck with my cash flow. fuck this… im about to smoke. then go to jack in the box. and… were back. ( 45 min & four different jack in the box locations near you… that aint open at 2am. ) but yes… […]

This is the End.

i recently “came up” on like the whole catalouge by the doors. i wasnt really trying to hear them, until i found out they was from LA lol. ive heard a couple of tracks that were dope so far… i gotta whole buncha more shit to listen to tho. but yea. im not closing my blog down, which i suppose the title insinuates, but im talking about something else. I think… i have reached the end of the interent. not only have i reached the end. ive laped the muthafucka at least twice. ive seen just about ever site there […]

The Trife Life Memoirs

The Trife Life Memoirs: The Girl with the Curl. i can admit my short comings all day long. Some im ashamed of, some… but most of them? I could really giva fuck, Honestly. So with that. I can admit to the world. That I aint shit. I know it. The muthafuckas I kick it with know it. My Parents know. My friends and family know it… well… my friends and the family members I do kick it with, we all aint shit lol. The girls I fuck with… eeehhh some of em know lol. Which brings me to the story […]

Fuckin MCI

alright MCI, ive about had it! these gotdamn ads are all the way out of hand. They have these muthafuckas singing great motown classics, at some psudeo live proformance, stinkin up the joint with thier BULLSHIT! these songs are CLEARLY out of thier damn talent range. these muthafuckas just suck! at first they had micheal mcdonald. i didnt know who this guy was for a long time. but apparently he was a member of the doobie brothers. but i dont know anything about them. and with his lackluster, agonizing ass profromances… i dont want to know anything about them muthafuckas. […]

Something In the Way

thats the title of one of my favorite Nirvana songs. yes thats right… OJ digs some Nirvana… they used to get pretty live. This is going to be long as fuck, i have been thinking half assed typing on this for two weeks now. ive been obsessing over this shit more than usual. and maybe typing it all out will help? Anyway, ive been thinking about me lately. And i was thinking, chaces are… ill never be married. dont get me wrong, id like to be married. although i cant picture nor imagine that shit at the moment. Or anytime […]