Uhmah Park

Month: February 2004

Retiring from the Favor Business.

i have been hella busy lately. on top of my usual work load i promised a couple of my friends that i would shit for them. a LONG ass time ago… i told that nigga calvin that i would redesign his weblog. his dad said that the previous layout lacked “flava”. i dont know how or why i took it kind of peronally. i installed it and all. but shit… lol. anyway… i told that nigga id give his shit the once over. And when you do shit for free… as far as im concered… you have ALL the right […]

Ring my bell…

Since my blogging habbits are hella unpredictable, i have put together a notification list for those of you who would like to be notified by email every time i make a post. Sometimes ill post like 4 entries in one day. And sometimes its like 4 entries in 3 months lol. And… as it turns out… i actually have to go thru the mt editing screen so that people will be notified of new entries. where before i was using w.bloggar. using the MT interface isnt SO bad i guess. What i REALLY need to do is update the layout […]

Make Sure You Wipe Yo Ass!

lol this might be a bit much for some people… but i was thinking about this the other day and i just had to ask somebody. I wasnt even blowed when i thought about this shit. i was just wonderin. the muthafucka i had to ask… wanted to remain annoyomus, so i had to extend him that privlage… ol candy ass lol. OJ: nigga this may be a lil gross… OJ: but im thinking right…. OJ: i wonder if its easier or harder to wipe your ass if you have no ass… OJ: … like if your flat assed. SomeGuy: […]

Traggic Theater

i dont know why it took me so long to post this… but i typed it out so long ago. and its been sitting on my desktop. anyway…. i have a long ass story to tell about some shit that i did / happen to me on some random day, my 11th grade year. sigh… actually truth be told. i was considering not even posting this shit anywhere for a soul to read because this might turn muthafuckas off to me. like ugh… he is so skanless / fucked up… muthafuckas already think im mean because i cuss alot. ( […]


And The Grammies are on, imma sit here and type out the play by play… i hear from people on the east coast that it was pretty live. man… lets start off with beyonce and prince. They kicked off the show with a very very live proformance. Beyonce is drop dead gorgious. her and prince put on a pretty great show… id pay to see that shit. … say… i didnt know pharrell played the drums?! hot damn. he got pretty live too. the song him and sting and dave matthews and somebody else did wasnt half bad. i was […]

You Got Me Going in Circles

Right now im listening to my oldies… and right now ” You got me going in circles” by Friends of Distinction is playing. i love this song. i love my oldies folder. anyway… i just had a thought. i notice that alot of the old groups have one nigga with a super high pitched voice. What ever happen to that? Groups these days dont do that. im not complaining. but i noticed that shit doesnt crack anymore, and im wondering why? oh shit… now “Forever Mine” by The O’Jays is on… this is my shit! i have so many favorites…. […]

Titty Talk

Next muthafucka instant message me about janet jackson titty, im deleting they ass from my fuckin buddy list. real shit AND ill block every ip address from your isp from coming to any site that i own. muthafuckas act like aint shit else going on in the world… fuck all i been getting for the last two days: “soooo… think it was an accident?” “did you see the superbowl half time show?” and various other refrences to that shit. gotdamn it happen… it was probably staged. so what! shit. man i could see if it was a muthafuckin movie… like […]