Uhmah Park

Month: January 2004

Killer Wave, Dude.

OK, i havent been posting lately… because my fucking hand HURTS. only when i grip my mouse tho. I have the same feeling as your ass feels when you been sitting on the ground too long. but yea… its only when i grip the mouse. Anyway… i have a story to tell. The year… was 1980 something. It had to be aroud 87, 88 because i was still living in SouthCentral. My family and I were at the beach, enjoying another sunny Californian day, doing the family picnic thing that everybody does at the beach. A young OJ had been […]

Lost Soul

Sigh… there is NO football on today. i dont know what to do. Sundays seem SO fuckin pointless with out football… its bad enough there is no more Monday Night Football. Next week is the Super Bowl… but after that… there wont be football for MONTHS! sigh… i got thru this shit EVERY YEAR. its bad… same shit happens at the end of basketball season. or when the lakers lose in the playoffs. shit sucks…. sigh… i guess i can work on sundays, like i usually do. or… fuck i dont know. i need something to do! hbo dont even […]

i just heard the greatest shit!

this muhfucka on sportscenter said, a comedian ( Steven Wright ) once said: Stealing one persons idea is pleagurisim, Stealing a buncha peoples idea is research. I cant express how funny, yet true this is. He goes on to say: that same comedian also said… Experince is something you get just after you need it. Gutty shit lol. so true… so true.

Evil OJ

I must know a buncha stupid ass people. Why every time a nigga might be in a bad mood. or just not in the mood to crack a fuckin joke… why do people treat me like imma gotdamn monster. i fucking hate that shit. i am very muthafuckin capable of having a conversation when i aint in the greatest of moods. But all i get is… ” umm you arent acting like your self… im just going to leave you alone. ” that shit irritates me. shit like that be making me wanna delete a muthafucka information out of all […]

Little things i miss about living at home…

man… at my folks house… my father does most of the cooking. on saturday mornings, my dad used to wake up early as hell ( he is a early raiser like that ). and he make a big ass breakfast for all of us… my dad gets pretty damn live in the kitchen… so shit was ALWAYS spectacular. My sister and I, as far as our sleeping habits go… we take after both our parents. but one thing we aint, is early risers lol my dad sleeps like four hours a night ( he used to be in the military […]

OJ cant spell for SHIT

my spelling has come underfire once again… so lets revisit an old post from SoulCity where i layed out reasoning behind my mispellings. Muthafuckas like to blame me for THIER typos and misspellings like mispelling words is fuckin contagious or some shit… lol…. but… before we get started, i would like for everyone to know that… Yes… i cant spell for shit, i can manage if i actually try. but most times i dont… because honestly i dont hold the shit in high reguards like other people. I actually hold tense in higher reguard… but alot of people will forsake […]

The ChickenHead huh?

Apperently… there is a new dance out called “The Chicken Head”. fucking wow. i cant believe this shit. Now everybody knows what the fuck a ChickenHead is… why in the fuck would some asshole make up a dance called the chicken head… and furthermore… why would a female with any self respect be caught dead proforming that shit? i dont understand. but its alright… because when i refer to her casually as ” oh, that bitch over there… ” or bitch whatever the fuck… BET NOT no muthafucka even try to get mad at me. she murdered her fuckin dignity […]

Strung Out

Recently… the homie calvin got his DSL turned back on… and this nigga was on the net for like 19 straight hours ( lol ok maybe not that long ). but homie is 100% addicted to the net… shit alot of people are addicted to the net. Which reminds me of some shit i was thinking about a lil while back. I have hardly any real addictions. a muhfucka can say… oj… your addicted to the net. No im not… ive walked away from the net before. When i moved to hell… ( pheonix ) back in 98/99. i was […]

I gotta joke….

i woke up today and this shit was waiting for me on AIM lol I got a new car radio yesterday and it is terrific. If I say “Rock” it plays rock and roll. If I say “Rap” it plays rap. If I say “Love” it plays love songs. Three kids ran out in front of the car and I said “Fucking kids!” And it played Michael Jackson. lmao gutty shit. But… let it be known. that in this country of ours… as unjust as it can be at times. the rule of the land is suppose to be… innocent […]