Uhmah Park

Month: November 2003

i have something to share with you all

Thank you for logging on to Uhmah Park. You know, I was sitting at my desk thinking…im a stingy muhfucka. I dont share enough. So, in light of that… i would like to share a thought i had today. Turkey bowling… What a waste of muthafuckin food. Im pretty sure there are some homeless people watching the news pissed the fuck off. Like gotdammit… i really could have liked JUST A SLICE of that shit! im hungry as fuck! and these assholes are taking turkeys and wasting them! well actually…. if youre homeless, that probably means you dont have a […]

In case you didnt know…

The new S.Carters are Red Black and Green….. SISSSSYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! lol. Reebok is gonna be hot when they find out whats going on lol. I wont be buying a pair tho… I dont wear green. ( unless its in my wallet lol ). this concludes my blogger entry for the moment… Pardon me while I go download some X-Clan lol

The Poot Phantom!

Have you ever been walking around some where in a store…. Say… Walmart, and youre minding youre own damn bidness… then out of now where a very pungent aroma invades the thresholds of your nostril, like the US at the Iraqi border?!?!? Rendering your face into a very unflattering pose, leaving you embarrass as fuck because usually, walmarts are super crowded… all though you were on that isle by your self, SOMEBODY is gonna pass by about every 3 to 7 seconds or so…. so this random somebody passes this seemingly normal isle, unaware of the funk that has you […]

The Worst Shit Ever

Yesterday night… i made some GREAT GREAT GREAT ass spaghetti… i have olives and parmasian (sp) cheese on mine… i dont know what syl had on hers… but sadly… i followed that shit up with the absolute wackest batch of koolaid ive ever made…. my WHOLE life…. shit sucked lol. i drank that shit tho! lol

If ya ass wanna act…

” if ya ass wanna act / then you can leave ya ass where ya at ” — get low by lil john and eastside boys feat. the ying yang twins… that line there is probably the most prolific lines in respects to male / female relationships… ever. lol i promise. i started this post about to speak on the shit calvin and deah have recently posted on thier bloggers these past couple days… not what went on between the two of them, but thier whole war of the sexes Killa Rumbsfeild ( private joke ) kicked up……. but eehh […]

Sometimes, you get what you deserve

Pam: man.. i seen the guttiest shit on the news tonite Pam: this damn lady went to the zoo here, went off the regular trails, n stuck her arm thru a fence Pam: a wolf grabbed her shit n wouldn’t let go Pam: they had to shoot his ass.. and i’m like damn.. aint his fault.. homie wuz doing what came natural.. aint like it wuz german shepard.. it wuz a damn wolf, he’s supposed to bite the shit outta her OJ: hell yea! OJ: i wouldnt have shot that wolf… OJ: i would have been like… you stupid bitch! […]

Blowed Giving

ah man… one holiday down. Two to go, sigh. this bullshit. i hate it. HOWEVER! i am looking forward to Blowed Giving, also known as Thanks for Giving us Weed and Alcohole day! I dont believe in ThanksGiving AT ALL, but i AM an oppertunist. Free Food… and good ass left overs? im all over it homie. i see it as a come up. others see it as celerbrating. whatever. fuck them. lol. But since i dont really fuck with my relitives that celerbrate that bullshit too tuff anymore. I am now taking advantage of everybodies day off. On ThanksGiving […]

So, OJ… Whats New?

well i havent been around lately. ive been busy moving. moving is like the only thing that can really stress me all the way out. not a crazy ass female calling me all the time harassing me. not bills, not none of that other shit. moving is the one thing that gets to me. i hate it. its a pain in the ass. but anyway, me and syl found a nice 4 bedroom condo/townhouse in porter ranch ca, ( northridge ). YES… you probably saw porter ranch on the news, because part of porter ranch was fucking on fire some […]

ATL, GAWGA. Part Two

Back from atlanta for the second time in two years. i shouldnt have went this time… i was in the middle of so much shit by the time i left. it kinda kept me from having a better time than i had a nigga had other shit on his mind. i dont know if it was obvious or not. i tried to not let my thoughts keep me from enjoying my self.. but eehhh it kinda did to be honest. i couldnt help it. I had work i just up’d and left ( i cant even enjoy ass all that […]