On GP (General Purposes)


Throwback weekend was a sucess… once again… lets thank BMG! lol i would post some of the shit that was said… but i honestly can not remember all that shit… lol… but it was halarious is no more (pending an email from verisign) we let the experation kick us in the ass… actually the notice went to an old email so we forgot about it. hopefully we can get it back…

Shooting the Gift ( STG ) is now live! and up. What is STG? its me and calvins internet show… its the guts.

what else? hmm….

oh… me and this nigga calvin are having a lil contest to see who can come up with the best “Slow Jam Tape”. the deadline was SUPPOSE to be today… but this nigga calvin is bullshiting! ok ok… he has test… he’s a med student, yap yap yap… screw that… that nigga is lazy is all it is… but it SUPPOSED to be postponed! lol please note that this is the second time this shit has been put off… lol. its cool tho… because i bullshited too… but its like… he came with his bullshit first so its all his fault lol.
actually… i had to admit… im a bit competitive…. actually… lol im hella competitive. i be havin secert competiions in my head with muthafuckas who dont know they involed n shit. its bad. lol whats REALLY bad is that im way too lazy to be this competitive. and i have a hard time making small progress to a bigger goal ( im working on that tho lol ). lol its terrible. lol
so yea… the compitition is going to be judged on 5 80 min cd’s. song selection… order of song… and some other shit i cant remember… i have five female judges. and i think imma lose lol Calvin is the R&B man. im just not in touch… all the shit i like is hella old lol. oh well… lol

man… i REALLY REALLY need to play me some fuckin basketball before i lose my fucking mind!

time out tho… i just remembered that i have a week pass to LA Fitness…. i need to find somebody with a hook up over there… im not trying to pay 30 bucks a month…. i can do 20 tho lol.

thas all… ill get back.

On GP (General Purposes)

Throwblack Slang Weekend 2!

ah yea… its on like donkey kong!

Today marks the begining of throwblack slang weekend! this time yall get an advanced notice so it doesnt pass you up!

youll be sure to impress the honeys at the crib when you tell her how stupid fly she is.
your friends will give you hella props when you buss those old favorites such as:
“like a mug” ( the sensored version of – like a muthafucka )
“cold lampin” ( chillin )
“stupid dope” ( if you need an explaination for this… just go away. )
“word to ya mutha” ( affermitive )
and the all time favorite ” FRESH! ”

everybody can thank that nigga BMG ( Big Money Gripp ) for kickin off throwback weekend with this phrase here”

” on the reala ”

gotdammit… im still laughin at that shit. word up!

alright…. im 5000 G.

On GP (General Purposes)

The Blowed Clause

you know when youre very very blowed, and you really want something to snack on. but youre too blowed to get anything to eat.

then! out of now where… somebody fixes you that tasty ass snack! THUS! liberatintg you from the taliban-like munchies that have that crippling clutch on your appitite!

we will now refer to these people as the “Blowed Clause” not quite christmas… but there is gift giving ( the snacks ) and just as much joy! except for… chances are you will like the presents your blowed clause brings you because…. when youre blowed… everything is GOOD! or at the very least… better than you remember it!
it goes down people.
believe that there!

shout out to my neighbor marc ( the blowed clause ) who came thru with the bananna nut bread when i was stuck in this chair unable to move!

imma go find me somebody to talk shit to. im bored.

good day people.

On GP (General Purposes)

Animal Death Match!

animal activist… turn away now….

because i could giva flying wolf bat fuck ( keep reading you will get the joke lol ) and this shit was the guts!

Calvin (8:30:10 PM): man…I’m watching National Geographic Channel now
OJ (8:30:14 PM): lol
Calvin (8:30:32 PM): Crocodiles be fucking ALL the other animals up
Calvin (8:30:48 PM): Drea was laughing at me the other day
Calvin (8:31:00 PM): cuz I said I wanted to see random animals fight each other
Calvin (8:31:06 PM): like a bear versus a tiger
Calvin (8:31:11 PM): I think that would be the shit
Calvin (8:31:18 PM): each week on TV…
Calvin (8:31:21 PM): Beast Wars
Calvin (8:31:39 PM): a warthog versus a lion
OJ (8:37:10 PM): lmao this nigga
OJ (8:37:17 PM): wants peta all in his ass lol
Calvin (8:38:11 PM): LMAO…fuck them!
OJ (8:39:10 PM): lol
Calvin (8:39:46 PM): nigga the prospects of a Cheetah versus a Komodo Dragon doesn’t intruige you?
OJ (8:40:03 PM): LMAIO
Calvin (8:40:35 PM): I would pay good money to see such a thing
Calvin (8:40:43 PM): I also would pay to see a rooster fight
Calvin (8:40:50 PM): (I refuse to call that shit a cock fight)
OJ (8:41:21 PM): lmao
OJ (8:41:54 PM): gotdamn
Calvin (8:41:55 PM): Animal Rights people can kiss my ass as I unleash vicious animals of prey upon them!
OJ (8:42:31 PM): hell naw… you got a raptor chillin some where or some shit? lol
Calvin (8:43:28 PM): nah…but I know people!!
OJ (8:43:35 PM): LOL
Calvin (8:44:13 PM): see how much they love animals when a viscous pit bull terrier is ripping at their hindquarters
OJ (8:47:48 PM): LMAO
OJ (8:47:49 PM): fuck lmao
OJ (8:47:54 PM): this nigga here lol
OJ (8:48:00 PM): i know that would change my view on animals tho lol
Calvin (8:48:18 PM): Animal Rights people suck
Calvin (8:48:33 PM): they need to get bit by a rabid dog or some flying wolf bat
OJ (8:50:25 PM): LMAO WHAT?!?!
OJ (8:50:29 PM): flying wolf bat?!
OJ (8:50:31 PM): lol gotdamn
OJ (8:50:32 PM): lkol
OJ (8:50:46 PM): this nigga got me spittin up food n shit lol
Calvin (8:51:14 PM): I’m saying man…
Calvin (8:51:22 PM): You already know how I feel about kittens
Calvin (8:51:40 PM): now don’t get me wrong I don’t be abusing no animals…I ain’t no psychopath or Jeffrey Dahmer type individual
Calvin (8:51:54 PM): but if two animals that have a problem with one another want to get it on I say go for it!
OJ (8:52:14 PM): LKMAO
Calvin (8:52:17 PM): if a silverback gorilla has a problem with a bear because I made them fight over the same strip of land, then they need to solve that
OJ (8:52:21 PM): fucking mills lane
OJ (8:52:29 PM): don king of the animal fight world n shit lol
OJ (8:59:43 PM): this nigga is gonna have somebody from peta run up to him with that suicide bomb lol
OJ (8:59:55 PM): sacrifing that human life for the good of the animals lol
Calvin (9:01:38 PM): LMAO!
Calvin (9:01:40 PM): fuck that…
Calvin (9:02:02 PM): I will sic a wild Mountain Lion hybrid with a Tiger on them!
OJ (9:02:55 PM): lol fuckin doctor mareu (sp) n shit lol
Calvin (9:03:06 PM): that was a GREAT idea
OJ (9:03:19 PM): LOL
Calvin (9:03:58 PM): man I am doing that…wait till I get some money
Calvin (9:04:05 PM): I’mma have a white tiger versus a polar bear!
Calvin (9:04:15 PM): I’mma have a shark versus a killer whale
OJ (9:04:19 PM): lmao fuckin shit nigga lol
OJ (9:04:27 PM): LOL HELL NAW!!
Calvin (9:04:39 PM): I’mma have a monkey versus a wolverine
OJ (9:05:01 PM): lol
Calvin (9:05:03 PM): I’mma sell it on Bootleg DVD like Faces of Death
OJ (9:05:06 PM): sell dvd’ nigga
OJ (9:05:09 PM): YES! LOL
Calvin (9:07:15 PM): it would sell like mad
Calvin (9:07:24 PM): until i got arrested like the bumfights guys
OJ (9:07:49 PM): lol nigga… i couldnt believe they had that shit

calvin is the guts.

On GP (General Purposes)


Its 9-11.
And everybody wants you to remember.

Well… rememeber this:

People die all the time.

and its always sad.

there was a group of people that died yesterday.

there is a group of people who will die tommorrow.

and it will still be just as sad.

if its one person.

or if its thousands.

it will still be sad.

life goes on…

On GP (General Purposes)

The Setup Show…

No… not Cheaters… that shit is a mobile jerry springer… with proof and a shorter set up to the fight lol

but what im talking about is, Queer Eye For the Straight Guy.
that shit there should be called… Disquising a Straight Guy like a Queer Guy. Ive watched this shit a couple of times… not all the way thru… and there were hella jokes being cracked during the show… and other shit going on… so, ill admit i havent payed all that much attention. But so far… it looks like these gay dudes are dressing these straight dudes up to look like them…. A buncha gay guys! not only dress them up like gay dudes… but they train them in the arts of fruitivity. And then… thier females be all impressed? what kinda shit is that?

me personally… i feel that they are going about it all wrong!

the REAL muthafuckas they should have up there… are some male prostitutes! or casanova type muthafuckas… some playas or some shit…. Max Julian lol….. Them is the fools that know how to dress to actract WOMEN! them is the muhfuckas that know what to do to romance a WOMAN! knows how to treat a WOMAN!

i guess tho… some muhfuckas can use all the help they can get… even if it is a tad bit misdamnguided lol
i dont have that problem… so i dont know loll

On GP (General Purposes)

Aim Convo’s : OJ the Wrassler.

the other day i was sleep and like poped a rib out of place or some shit… i was in pain all day. and this aim convo i had with kkarma doesnt really have all that much to do with that … but yea… it kinda does.
gutty none the less….

OJ : i think i pulled a muscle in my sleep
Kkarma : weird
OJ : … no… PAINFUL!
Kkarma : what were you dreaming
OJ : fuck if i know
Kkarma : boxin in your sleep
OJ : lol
OJ : yea i had a dream i was a Wrestler
OJ : i wrestled in jordans vinyl speedos and a leather vest
OJ : and my name was Meano Mandingo
OJ : and my speciallty move was ” the black mans revenge ”
OJ : but i would only do it on white wrestlers
Kkarma : hell naw
Kkarma : lolololol
OJ : if it was anybody else… it would be the gurilla funk
Kkarma : STOP
OJ : i also had a move i did called my pimp hand is way strong… where i reach all the way up and back hand the fuck out of my oppenents… and yell… MY PIMP HAND IS WAY STRONG BIIAATCCH!!!
OJ : lol ok im done

lol im bullshiting of course… i did not have a dream that i was a wrassler named Meano Mandingo
all those… mad at the name ” Meano Mandingo ” please direct your comments to Carmen. its all her fault, with her ” mandingo ________ ” im’s lol

lol i can see that shit now… a big black ass wrassler named meano mandingo… with a zulu sheild n shit lol and a spear… with a kente patern vest n shit… and some bullshit ass african patern speedos.. kickin ass in the WWE lol… rollin out the ring… grabbin his spear and goin up side muhfuckas heads lol… using the sheild to protect him from gettin hit with metal chairs n shit lmao… doin a lil tribal dance before he does his speciallty move lmao… that shit would be the fucking guts… he would be the hero of every young Black male in america lol. scaring the fuck out of suburian middle class white parents when lil robby runs up to his mommy kate on some… ” MOMMY!! I WANT TO GROW UP AND BE A STRONG MANDINGO WARRIOR LIKE MEANO MANDINGO! ”
holy shit…
im my own best entertaintment sometime.

On GP (General Purposes)

Big Blunt Goes Out….

A big chronic blunt goes out to my cousin / long time best friend… JD.
On Friday night he had him a Baby girl. Her name is Essence.
i went to go see her saturday afternoon ( i was… SECERTLY , half way drunk friday night, or else i would have went then )
When this nigga sends me pictures ill post em…

i should make a gallery of all the homies kids… only thing is… ALL these niggas have girls….

My Cousin John has a baby girl named Sammy shes 2. she is the smartest 2 year old ive ever known ever. shes also the guts like her daddy lol. and come to think of it… i think he has another babygirl on the way.

The homie Todd… out of all my friends, ive been knowin this nigga the longest… since the 5th grade. when he moved to the house behind me. this nigga has TWO baby girls… and i think i heard he is working on a thrid. his girls names are Tyra and Treasure.

The homie theo… has a baby girl. she is like 5 or 6 i think probably like 7… im sure john or dell will correct me soon. his lil girl name is Mya

but all the close homies have girls… i cant figure it out.

its probably because all these niggas have done females so wrong comin up that this is sweet revenge lol.
shit… if thats the case… im assed out too. shit… all of us are assed out. we will probably all have good looking daughters and lazy ass bullshiting sons lol

but yea… OJ will more than likely be a Goddaddy soon. JD aint really said too much… since he told me that him and his girl wasnt gonna cancel the pregnacy. so i dont know. but last i heard… i was gonna have a Godchild come end of august / sept.

it goes down!

congrats to that nigga JD.