Uhmah Park

Month: August 2003

Need to lose weight?

Need to lose weight? are you a lazy muthafucka? well click here and embrace (oops lol got it right now ) your salvation ( no bullshit ) all you internet people… doing half ass work outs and bullshit dieting… you know you wanna click that shit. this shit here is the answer for all the big girls chattin online LYING to muthafuckas talkin about “im thick!” when you are really, relentlessly punishing the chair you are sittin your fat ass in lying to some dumb ass dude who dont know any better. basiclly… its just no sugar… no carbs…. but […]

4:30 am thoughts.

it is now that time. for “4:30 am thoughts ” with your host, O.com. Have you ever seen a lightskinned africian? i know i havent. hmm? riddle me that shit. tune in next time…. for “4:30 am thoughts ” with your host, O.com. goodmorning.

Shout goes out….

Shout goes out to Deah on her 23rd birthday! id link her website… but she never updates that shit… so it would be extra pointless lol. and i would type out a buncha nice shit about deah, who is one of my favorite people. but… eeehhh fuck all that… deah knows she is indeed a special girl. she is one of the only people who can prove me wrong regularly. lol. as much as we go back and forth… i do value her opinion. shes lucky a nigga doesnt have 4 years of college behind him though. my field goal […]


My Friday… fuck a Friday Five… that shit is getting more retarded every week. people and thier retarded ass answers is gettin irritating too lol so imma remix it… here is my friday… the fifth day of the week! first… let it be known that i am far from sober… but nearing sobrity. but im still on that shit. so… friday. i woke up. got some work done…. but in the middle of that shit… got some bad news. but i handled that shit and hopefully i can roll past it. sigh….. then, finially got the LA Social Club Gallery […]


its a lil known fact that FALL is short for Football ALL the time. yes… thats right… Football ALL the time…. but you know black people be shortining shit up… so now its FALL… lol i swear football is the only good thing about the sumer comming to an end. and summer is great. great enough to not go crazy with no sports. and im pretty sure some asshole is gonna invade my comments with some dumb shit about baseball. But, truth of the matter is… baseball sucks homie… and is NO WHERE NEAR as exciting as football or basketball. […]

Frunk as Duck

Credit: Calvin Smith for that shit there. lol that shit is still funny to me.. Frunk will now be my new word for being extra faded. With that said. i have a statment to make: Frunk swimming is terribly underrated! wooo boy! the other day, we got frunk as duck ( indeed! ) offa two pitchers of mararitias… it was like 5 of us. i had more than 10 cups. jumped in the fuckin pool around 11pm. it was great. the jucuzzi super cracked as well. but a nigga was hung the fuck over the next day. wooo but mylanta […]

Dont Change The Dizzel

thas right! i dont care what anybody says, that show is the fucking guts ( doggie fizzel telivizzle ). Snoop is on some shit. When he do that arbys shit… he be right around the corner from my house. a nigga be passin that shit breakin his neck to see if snoop on there. dont let me get caught in that drive thru when he workin it… imma put on a muthafuckin show. and while we are on the topic of putting on shows. Five27 got a redesign today! IT GOES DOWN! (*gives self high five*). that shit didnt come […]