Uhmah Park

Month: July 2003

The Guttist Shit in a Long Time.

My Cousin JD and I, we are cursed. Cursed with the gift of over observation. lol There aint too much that gets past either one of us. But dont let both of us be in the same spot. Oh boy… if there is something wrong with you we will find it and exploit the fuck out of it lol. Anyway, i say all that to say this: JD saw some pretty gutty shit the other day. JD: nigga somebody wrote in the dust of somebody back window JD: Im a terrorist, kick my ass OJ: that has to be the […]

White Republican Thrusday.

i hearby proclaim today to be know forever as, ” White Republicain Thrusday “. Why? because today is just a fucked up ass day for more than 5 people i know. including my self. today… i woke up kinda blowed still but my throat was RAW because last night i got REALLY blowed but some how when i managed to fall asleep, i was awakened in the middle of the night choking like a muthafucka… i dont know what was going on… but i think i was trying to throw up somethin… as a result of that shit… i woke […]


sigh. Today… at 8:30am i had to wake my black ass up offa very little sleep. Then, brave the ass end of los angeles commuter traffic to my parents new residence, as they were being presented with thier brand new house in fontana ca. Congrats to them. ( WOOOO! ) Today… i FINAILLY got to hear the end of the steve harvey morning show on 100.3 the beat. i NEVER listen to the radio and if i manage to wake up before 10 am im doing good… but his show goes off at 10 am so i never get to […]

Stankin asses

An AIM rant. lol here is a conversation i had with Carmen about a problem i have with the general public. OJ (7:12:41 PM): im lazy too… i need to fucking wash my clothes lol Carmex (7:14:20 PM): WASH YO DRAWLS OJ (7:14:39 PM): naw i always wash them shits OJ (7:14:51 PM): i need to wash my undershirts and basketball shorts Carmex (7:15:28 PM): Funky ass Carmex (7:15:28 PM): LOL OJ (7:15:54 PM): you know… i noticed something about the general public… OJ (7:15:58 PM): no matter what race they are OJ (7:16:16 PM): muthafuckas LOVE to tell a […]

I needa drink.

i dont know whats wrong with me today. i dont feel like talking i dont feel like talkin shit… i dont feel like doin shit… i dont feel like working i dont feel like hearing about nobody else shit… i dont feel like chatting… i dont feel like being social at all…. i dont wanna work on any of the MANY personal projects i have going… i dont wanna watch tv… i dont even want to get up to take a piss… i dont feel like answering the gotdamn phone… i dont wanna do shit, hear shit, or no shit. […]

You know whats werid?

often times when i utter the phrase ” you know whats werid? ” to some one… they somehow are caught off guard with some off the wall this that acompanies that phrase. with that said. there be your warning. but… i find it weird that there are people on this planet that CAN NOT take a shit unless they are reading something. Today my cousin JD came thru ( see bumble bee story ) and i guess it was that time, and he had to shit. because he got up and said… yo… you got something i can read? Ive […]