On GP (General Purposes)

What you got on my G5 Homie?

this is the coldest fuckin computer to hit the market ever.

the new apple power mac g5

the shit looks like a fuckin monster to me.

i dont get excited about too many things including money, but one thing i DO get excited over… ELECTRONICS! i love electronics of all kind, well… practical ones… i still cant fuck with 2 ways.

anyway… this shit here is the shit and i have to have one.

the muthafucka has a 64bit processor! which means it can support up to 8 gigs of ram!! i thought i was doing big thangs with my pc that has 1 gig of ram ( that is pretty fast mind you ) i cant even imagine what i could do with 8 fuckin gigs of ram… all computers now are 32 bit… and only support of to 4 gigs of ram… but shit… you would have to come out the ASS for a mother board that could even even support 2 gigs a ram ( bout 300 last time i checked — bout a year ago ). not only does it support 8 hot ass gigs of ram… but it also supports 500 gigs of hard drive space… what a nigga could do with that? psshhhh fuck if i know…. i only have 20 gigs of mp3’s. thats alotta space.

it suppose to be quieter than the current g4 thats out now… which i can testify to being pretty fuckin loud for a gotdamn computer… these shits get HOT. it has individual cooling bays to keep shit runnin like its suppos to.

standard features include a super drive ( means a dvd / cd burner ) which cracks. 1 firewire 800 slot… this shit here imma have to fuck with for my self…. i know usb is only pushin 100mb per second… and the regular firewire is pushin 400… which makes shit like external cd writers work faster ( incase you wanted to know – it takes me 3 min to burn a whole cd — i have a firewire card on my cd with a 24x firewire burner ). but firewire thats movin at 800mb per second? i dont know… that sound pretty damn serious! these shits also come with a 160 gig hard drive… which SUPER cracks…. there is also a build to order option for a 250 gig hard drive ( FUCK! )
which this new architecture… i suspect all the old mac heads that talk shit about the sluggishness of OS X will be able to shut the hell up. the 64 bit technology and all the damn speed should make things pop and responsive like OS 9 is/was. except for it wont crash if you look at that shit wrong ( i loathe os 9 )

these shits is expensive tho… they start at 2k… and the cold business one is 3k.

i swear they need to hire me to do a commercial… ( even tho im typing this shit from my pc lol )

apple is also about to realease OS 10.3 ” Panther ” ( OS 10.2 is called Jaguar ) this shit here looks pretty crackin as well. Apple comes out with updates like rappers n shit… droppin every year or two for dat ass. The new finder and ichat are dope… the shit also has a built in faxin feature… so you can send and recieve faxes from your desktop, which cracks… even tho i have no real use for it. Also new to panther is some shit called expose… which looks like it makes going thru your open windows and dragin shit from program to program or desktop to program, hella easy. i know i have that problem often. They also have some shit called font book… which im hoping will replace extensis suitcase which crashes on my black ass often… if they come with a font book server that would be even better.

so yea… today… i am starting up a get OJ a G5 Fund… i am accepting payments thru mail and paypal…. you can paypal me at lol. of course i want the cold business 2 ghz one that cost 3k. so please make your donations generious. there is something in it for those that do… i cant figure out what yet… but beleive me… ill make it worth your wild lol. i promise :-). i might have to rob me a muhfucka or two… get my mini crime spree on… somethin. i wish i knew a buncha smokers… shit. i need to make me a quick 5k lol

On GP (General Purposes)

I can make a bugar talk!!

i bet nobody remembers what that line is from ( ” i can make a bugar talk!! ” )

anyway… tonite… i was upstairs kickin it with the homies… and we got blowed
*welcome to blowed park*
yes thats right… i am higher than Gas Prices ( joke via RJ )

anyway…. out of no where… the homies girl friend blurted out… ” I Wanna take a IQ test!! ” ……. ?? where the fuck did that shit there come from?! i guess it did not matter because not just her… but ALL of us where huddled around the computer taking this damn iq test… trying to reason out the answers amoungst each other… i really should have taped it lol. but during the course of the iq test… i figured i could too blurt out random shit…. it wasnt fair for just her to be able to do that shit…
so… at 3:30 in the morning… imma sit here and type out random ass statements untill i get sleepy lol:

… i used to fuck with bulwinkle auntie!

… i lowered my cholestorol!!

… i used to do cart wheels on the freeway!!

… yesterday i saw 5 roaches moon walking in the garage

… bruce willis be doin the robot…

… ya mamma is a peanut gatherer!

… i smell a hungrian battle chicken!! ( inside joke )

… shop smart… PAYLESS!

… coolio does my taxes!!!

… dont stop get it get it!!!

… i seen kareem abdul jabar poplockin outside my apartments

… your grandma can gargle peanut butter!

… you smell like cherrios and gasoline

… midgets have other midget friends…. time out… i actually seen this shit the other day when i was on ivar and hollywood blvd… they was outside of club ivar… trying to get in… and they was wavin thier other midget friend to hurry up so they can all walk in at the same time… it was like 5 of em. the 5th one… ran ( waddled up ) and they just strolled in… i didnt know how to really process that. i mean… who thinks about midgets… or dwafs…. which is what they RATHER be called. but damn. i had to think about that shit… like… i have all kinds of friends… tall friends… fat friends… skinny friends… short friends… etc… you know where im going with this! I HAVE NO MIDGET FRIENDS!! and i cant really even think of nobody that even HAS midget friends. How would you handle a midget that was really making an effort to be your homie?? what if this person… is a great person? would you reject them because of thier hieght challengedness ( is that at word ) or would you look pass that? fuck… it aint like you aint gonna notice. and youre GONNA take into consideration, that you would be the ONLY person YOU know that hangs out with midgets. do midgets get pains in thier neck from looking up all the time? and you would think over time… thier necks wouldnt be so ……… unthere…… if they had to look up so often? can you be a loser and be a midget?? why are thier only like 4 midgets in hollywood? what would you do if you saw two midgets fucking in the park? that has to be a site to see. do midgets get offended at short jokes… that wasnt really meant that way? such ass… guess she came up short! or… he got the short in of the stick… or we only have a short amount of time ( if youre waiting on a midget ). i think imma have to meet me a midget… and like… ask them about these things.
i also need to meet a asian that isnt so offended at SARS jokes… so i can ask them how they really feel with out nobody gettin pissed lol the other day i saw a tshirt that said ” Why the unease when i sneeze ” i damn near lost it… after that it had a tv in the middle of the shit and on the bottom it said ” dont be a dumb ass! ” lol come on now… i understand not being a racist asshole… but fuck… who wants to chance catching clymidia of the lungs?!?!?! and was i fucked up for rolling thru korea town with my windows up on a hot day? what if you a midget with sars?? hm? a asiain midget? lol i hate to pick on asians like this… but ive never seen a asian midget… i know alot of asiain people… and not too many of them are hittin over 5’6”… but still… ive only seen black and white midgets…. ive never seen like an arab midget or some shit. would you get on a plan with a arab midget? or would you just really single him out to be up to something??? hmm… if you was white… would you cross the street if you saw a group of young black midgets mean mugging you?? if a midget pulled a gun on you ( which might happen to my black ass if i keep talkin shit ) would you laugh and risk getting shot? or would you be scared and take them seriously???
i dont know… fuck it… anyway…

… last week i fought cobra commander!

… i saw ronald mc donald eatin at bean burritos at taco bell.

… if you freeze hotsause… you will have one HOT ASS popcycle…

fuck it im done… my head hurts… and this whole “awake, not be sleep” thing is fuckin with me

On GP (General Purposes)

Super Nigga

it was pointed out to me today… that todays date is friday the 13th.
im not supertisious… but man… facts are facts… and the truth will smack you in the face.

lets travel back. Back to a buncha firday the 13ths ago lol. ( one of thosewavey think/remember back shits would fit nicely about here. ).
OJ is in the 5th or 6th grade… and discovers one day when he wakes up and is about to get dressed for school that today indeed is friday the 13th. Young OJ scofs at the idea of bad luck on Friday the 13th, and everything the day represents. So, he decideds that he is Super Nigga on this bad luck stricken day and goes out of his way to be defiant of all would be superstistion and wear ALL BLACK to school.
Upon arrival at school, somebody might as well been playing some sort of Super Nigga Theme music…. it was about 90… 91…. so lets go with… CANT TOUCH THIS! by the great MC Hammer. ( OJ Side Note: at any point in time… you CAN still catch me bumpin MC Hammer and his various hits – except pumps in the bump – ask errin, dennis or max, they will all confirm ). so yes… back to our story… With Cant Touch This practicly playing in the background… OJ arrives on the campus of Locust Elementry school on a brisk Fontana, California morning… Super Nigga’d out in all black, and begins to hear it from his fellow classmates.
Terry, a long time friend, says to him ” nigga you are fucking crazy! dont you know its firday the 13th!!? ”
OJ looks over at Terry with the least bit of concern on his face and replies ” nigga… i dont giva fuck! i dont believe in that retarded shit ” ( OJ Fact: Yes… i have been talkin / cussin like this since the 3rd grade lol ). OJ got comments like this all day, and in true Super Nigga fashion… he shook off all douters and nay sayers and stood strong like the Super Nigga he thought he was.
Lets forward to the last recess of the day. OJ and his homies are on the WRONG SIDE of the play feild… KNOWING they aint suppose to be over there. But for whatever reason niggas want to play on the monkey bars and slide today. Well the day before, and early early that morning, it rained. So by the last play period the ground was still wet.
OJ and the homies are fuckin around on the slide that has a BIG ASS puddle of mudd at the bottom. trying to slide down the slide fast as fuck and either jump over the mudd…. or just avoid that shit all together. OJ managed to pull this shit off the first 2 or 3 times… along with all his other friends. However… on his last attempt ( of course ) our hero, all dressed in black decides to try to avoid the mudd instead of hurdle it. Shouldnt be a task for the sure footed Super Nigga… but… for some reason… the footing wasnt there… and neither was his balance. Our hero falls directly into the mudd… not just a step or two. but all the way in the fucking mudd… FLAT. OJ’s body was 70% covered in fuckin mudd. Then had to dip and dig deeper in the mudd to pick his self up off the ground.
Tottally crestfallen and woebegone, OJ is back on his feet. saturated in wet earth. as his would be homies laugh at point at him, he walks to the front office and beggs to be given permission to go home and change. After a good 10 min of good talk ( this could have been the start of a great thing lol ) OJ was granted permission to walk home and change. Which he did do immediately.
so let that be a lession do you all.
Like my Dad Says: There are a lotta brave DEAD muthafuckas. LOL
fuck friday the 13th lol…… i do not have on black today by the way lol.

and now… we would like to leave you with Gutty lines from the Killa himself. The subject at hand: the drab, drag, dull, ho hum CLOYING NBA finials, between the spurs of san antinio and the new jersey nets.

KillaCal13: Man I can’t bear to watch this shit any more
KillaCal13: this is like watching retarded kids bump heads
KillaCal13: Nigga…this is the worst finals ever…they just did a halftime special on a NIGGA WHO AIN”T EVEN PLAYING

OJ: speedy claxton looks like Hits nigga
KillaCal13: YES!!
KillaCal13: I be wanting to call that nigga Al
OJ: lol

and then… this shit lol

OJ: nigga
OJ: has jason kidds son aged any?
OJ: since like two years ago?
KillaCal13: man his head is light years beyond the rest of him
KillaCal13: he has the head of two grown men…
OJ: gotdammit nigga!!
OJ: thats the third one tonite!!! LOL

ah man.

On GP (General Purposes)

silence is underrated.

i get bored TOO easy.
i can be at a crackin ass club and be bored as fuck. i can be doing damn near anything and be bored.
when i was younger… and i used to complain about being bored… my father used to say ” well son… you know… there will come a day when you will be happy you dont have a muthafucking thang to do. and you will be beggin to be bored ”
that day… hasnt come yet. because i still have shit to do lol. BUT! the big shit.. that was stressin a nigga out… and burning me out… is seemingly over * knock on lumber*
i actually still have a buncha shit to do… im just not gettin paid for it lol… but i have it to do still…
i still wanna do the REAL version of this here blogger that i planned on long time ago… i just need to learn a few new tricks to get it done… i put this up because i was tired of lookin at the other shit. hopefully ill have more time.
i have to do something about the main portion of this shit… its fuckin with me bad lol i havent changed that shit in like 2 years lol.
i have a bunch more shit i need / want to do.
but for right now… i dont have to do a muthafuckin thang! im not beggin to be bored tho… fuck all that… rest on the other hand… now that cracks lol
its silent… syl is gonna be gone for 3 days. im posted.

On GP (General Purposes)


i been sittin here feeeening for some fuckin sugar for about 3 hours now… until i broke down and had to take it back to when i was little. And made me a Cinnimon and Sugar and Butter Toast.
i have no clue what the offical name for this super ghetto snack is called. but that shit is fuckin DELISIOUS.

how do you make it?

get you some bread…
a gas stove lol
but that muhfucka on broil…
get you a butter knife… or in the case of my lazy black ass who didnt feel like taking those hot two steps over to the dish water…. get a muthafuckin spoon… get out your butter ( margerine is nasty… but if it cracks for you… then hey. ) make sure that shit is soft… spread the soft butter over the bread hella thick… because its the ghetto snack attack hour, and us ghetto children always over fuckin do it! take you some ground cinnimon sprinkle that shit on evenly. Keep in mind that too much cinnimon is nasty as hell. then… break out your sugar… grab that spoon you used for the butter… scoop a heap of that shit and sprinkle that shit on the top. of course… i did it hella thick… because its the ghetto snack attack hour… and us ghetto children love us some muthafuckin sugar…
next… get yo ass a pan slide the bread in that muthafucka… and put it at the bottom of your oven or whereever your oven broils shit… and kick it… dont go no where or your shit will fuckin burn and possibly catch the fuck fire. when you start to smell that shit real good… its done! brown / burn that shit to taste… pull it out… put that shit on a paper towel… because yo mamma would get pissed if you dirtyed up a plate just for some gotdamn toast ( or at least my moms used to when i was little lol… so im trained lol ). Wait for that shit to cool the hell off… because honestly… if you eat that shit when its still hot… the sugar is melted down and is starting to crystalize… that shit is practically NAPALM when its hot… and it WILL stick to your tounge and various other places in your mouth if you eat it before it cooled down and got hard… trust me… i fuckin know!
next… ENJOY!

im so fuckin hyper right now i dont know what to do with my self!!!!!
i wanna fuckin bang on a pot or some shit!!!
every since i finished them shits i been singin james brown’s Static feat full force! i used to love that shit… STATIC… NO… STATIC… NO… DONT NEED NO STATIC.. NO… DONT START NONE… WONT BE NONE…
that nigga james brown mumbled his ASS off over the rest of the song. i be groovin to this shit none the less…

YELL LOUDER THAN A SUMBITCH! ( wendell is the guts for this shit )

On GP (General Purposes)

MC Super Hero

i was thinking earlier….

i wonder how the hiphop world would take to a mc who didnt brag about being a criminal and doing criminal like things… but a mc who was on some justice shit? like instead of bussin about sellin drugs… he buss and brag about how he be bringing criminals to justice n shit. bussin his guns at criminals to put em behind bars n shit like that.

i dont know…. lol
it was just a thought i had…

i was thinkin like… what if his name was MC Super Hero. or some shit like that…
and he was on some super hero shit. lol instead of bragin about bitches and money he didnt really have… drugs he didnt ever sell… jail time he never did. Maybe he could rap about super powers he dont really have… and drug lords he never locked up or some shit lol. i dont know lol

and his rap would be like…

im mc super hero
i got hella heat like pacino…
for all bank robbers who wanna skate off with mad de nerio
and extra rounds
for several rounds
of gun play go round
evil doers is goin down
in boomtown
them niggas know how i get down
i hit the block
they snappin up all they locks
criminals is seein cell blocks
even dirty cops
them niggas with a just a couple of rocks
shit stashed in they socks
with dirty glocks.

lol shit i dont know i cant rap…i think personally it would be funny as fuck tho.
id buy the album if it was dope and had enough bangin beats lol
what will be real fucked up tho… if a muthafucka read this… and actually have the balls to try the shit. and it WORK!
i mean… why wouldnt it? hiphop is always on some different shit. rappin about smackin bitches was new at one point too.
if a nigga get paid offa this shit… imma be mad lol. seriously…… but then again. i dont know. because… i wouldnt get my black ass up there and do it lol. i suppose long as i made money off the shit… i couldnt be all that pissed lol maybe i could make that niggas web site or some shit lol. lol

lol alright. im done.