Uhmah Park

Month: June 2003

What you got on my G5 Homie?

this is the coldest fuckin computer to hit the market ever. the new apple power mac g5 the shit looks like a fuckin monster to me. i dont get excited about too many things including money, but one thing i DO get excited over… ELECTRONICS! i love electronics of all kind, well… practical ones… i still cant fuck with 2 ways. anyway… this shit here is the shit and i have to have one. the muthafucka has a 64bit processor! which means it can support up to 8 gigs of ram!! i thought i was doing big thangs with my […]

I can make a bugar talk!!

i bet nobody remembers what that line is from ( ” i can make a bugar talk!! ” ) lol anyway… tonite… i was upstairs kickin it with the homies… and we got blowed *welcome to blowed park* yes thats right… i am higher than Gas Prices ( joke via RJ ) anyway…. out of no where… the homies girl friend blurted out… ” I Wanna take a IQ test!! ” ……. ?? where the fuck did that shit there come from?! i guess it did not matter because not just her… but ALL of us where huddled around the […]

Super Nigga

it was pointed out to me today… that todays date is friday the 13th. im not supertisious… but man… facts are facts… and the truth will smack you in the face. lets travel back. Back to a buncha firday the 13ths ago lol. ( one of thosewavey think/remember back shits would fit nicely about here. ). OJ is in the 5th or 6th grade… and discovers one day when he wakes up and is about to get dressed for school that today indeed is friday the 13th. Young OJ scofs at the idea of bad luck on Friday the 13th, […]

silence is underrated.

i get bored TOO easy. i can be at a crackin ass club and be bored as fuck. i can be doing damn near anything and be bored. when i was younger… and i used to complain about being bored… my father used to say ” well son… you know… there will come a day when you will be happy you dont have a muthafucking thang to do. and you will be beggin to be bored ” that day… hasnt come yet. because i still have shit to do lol. BUT! the big shit.. that was stressin a nigga out… […]


i been sittin here feeeening for some fuckin sugar for about 3 hours now… until i broke down and had to take it back to when i was little. And made me a Cinnimon and Sugar and Butter Toast. i have no clue what the offical name for this super ghetto snack is called. but that shit is fuckin DELISIOUS. how do you make it? get you some bread… a gas stove lol but that muhfucka on broil… get you a butter knife… or in the case of my lazy black ass who didnt feel like taking those hot two […]

MC Super Hero

i was thinking earlier…. i wonder how the hiphop world would take to a mc who didnt brag about being a criminal and doing criminal like things… but a mc who was on some justice shit? like instead of bussin about sellin drugs… he buss and brag about how he be bringing criminals to justice n shit. bussin his guns at criminals to put em behind bars n shit like that. i dont know…. lol it was just a thought i had… i was thinkin like… what if his name was MC Super Hero. or some shit like that… and […]