Uhmah Park

Month: May 2003

Hot Shit

i dont know why the most retarded shit happens to me… or right in front of me to witness. Sometimes that shit can be a good thing… sometimes… its a pain in the ass…. like earlier. i have this candle in my room that smells like koolaid. i had let it sit for a few hours ( burning ) today. time goes by ( shit still burning ) and i am informed of a party. so im look cool… let a nigga get ready… yap yap. i got up… before i hoped in the shower… i cut my hair. the […]

two fo

this morning ( afternoon ) i was woke up by my parents who told me… ” happy two fo’! ” lol they are the guts. i would like to thank everybody who sent me happy birthday AIM’s Emails and Calls. i would also like to say Happy Birthday to my twin Vee up in CND ( canada… there is a joke behind that ) also to Mallie who is damn near my complete oppisite lol. This man is Married, has a child, is christain and doesnt cuss lol and not to mention he is WAY more live with Flash than […]

National OJ Observance Day.

Now here this. Today, is National OJ Observance Day. meaning… yes… it is my Birthday today. if you dont know why i named this site Five27 by now… then yes… you are indeed a dumb fuck. And your self esteem deserves that preverbal kick to the cheast, with the dusty foot print of a size 13 Air Jordan Shoe. Please be advised… i have no problem with handing these out. but please… get in line. now… yesterday… i was feeling like shit. Today… well… its 5:27 am ( i swear ) and i am no longer feeling like shit… because […]

The Last Seven days & 7000 Feet in the Sky.

this has been a muthafucka of a month for a nigga. ( this could be long… just a warning. muhfuckas was complaining last time ) lets review the last seven days. why the last seven? because today is monday… but seven ays ago began Gemini Season ( May 21st ) ( thought yall was gonna escape this shit this year huh? FUCK NO! ) yes… thats right… gemini season… what is gemini season you ask? well… gemini season is the part of the year in which every gemini celerbrates thier respective coming abouts. its also ( obviously ) the time […]

Uhmah in the Kitchen

i posted this in soulcity like 2 min ago. we have a roots and culture section in there… and somebody ask what people we making. and yes… i can make more than just cheese cake. lol Today… we will buss some Chicken Queidillas or as i like to refer to them as… Quesidilla del pollo ah la UHMAH! lol we can fix the name later lol basiclly… its Chicken Quesidilla’s with some OJ im not a recipe writer so bare with me youre gonna need a foreman grill for this… and if dont have one… youre fuckin up lol. what […]

i was thinking…

i wanted to post something here… but i cant remember what it was… because i was inturputed by thought…. i wonder if you can send sars thru tha mail?? lol man… i have so many sars jokes… its the guts. ill spare the public… they are sorta racist lol.

Uhmah at the Movies…

Tonite i went to go see matrix reloaded…. yes… i saw it early… ( benifit of living in cali maybe? or at least in a major market ? hm? ) no im not a matrix nerd… YES! MATRIX NERDS FUCKING STINK!!! gotdammit… it was hot as fuck in there… and the pinko’s was out… stinkin up the fuckin joint… gotdamn. anyway… if you dont want the move to be spoiled for you by me… go head and keep on reading because its 1:16am and i have to get back to work… furthermore i am FAR to lazy to type a […]

It WAS just me…

i thought i was the only person…. but im not no more lol. i mentioned this shit to Errin and now… she is also infected with my curse! buss it: When i get a email from Blackplanet stating that i have new notes. the email subject says ” New Notes! ” as im sure everybodys does… but…. i was sure that i was the only one who heard dj clue voice in thier head when they read the subject title…. like… NEW NOTES!!!! *echo… of course* BLACK PLANET DOT COM!!! WE ON TOP OF THINGS!!! DESERT STORM!!!! SIGN UP FOR […]

Not yet Titled.

damn… i can not think of a title for this damn entry…. oh well. And now… for your reading pleasure… transcripts from an instant message converstaion by OJ and Max, Featuring Calvin during the second half of the Lakers ass kicking of the spurs. Commentary by OJ. OJ: UP BY A DUB! MAX: yeah this about over — it is annouced that kevin willis is to enter the basketball game — OJ: kevin willis is a brute MAX: thas why he played so long OJ: yea nigga…. OJ: that nigga can brench press a bug lol — we get a […]

Gutty shit, by way of the Killa himself…

“KillaCal13” signed off at 3:15:54 PM. “KillaCal13” signed on at 3:15:56 PM. KillaCal13: My computer is a gay homosexual named Flaco….I don’t think I can emphasize that enough OJ: LOLlmao hja ha OJ: LOL AFUCK LOL KillaCal13: for real…my computer wears pink hot pants and a purple do rag OJ: LMAO KillaCal13: and voted for Bush in the last election OJ: LMAO!!!!!!! HELL NAW LOL This nigga calvin has the coldest one liners followed by at least 5 lines of countiuned hype.