Uhmah Park

Month: April 2003


i hate people who send spam…. i wonder how much money is in that shit… then i probably wouldnt be so mad at spam if i was actually one of the assholes sending it. but anyway…. i got this dumb ass spam email today…. that said… ” FREAKISHLY BIG COCKS!!! ” ( sigh… i know i should put a period in that shit some where ) and showed pictures of females and freakishly big cocks and various sex acts lol i couldnt imagine havin a 18 inch dick and trying to get some ass… or even some head for that […]

Salava Aversion

The Bong is Max’s Enemy sigh… this shit here. i think we need a victims perspective. ( umm it might be wise to click that link and read this niggas story first lol ) i still remember the spit flying towards me and all i could think of was: SARS!!!!!!!! i made a pretty good attempt at trying to flee ground zero… but was unsucessful because some girl sitting next to me got ALL in my gotdamn way! somehow, i think she thought i was trying to shield her from the explosion of salava that came out this niggas mouth… […]

What I Learned In Mexico

First off i would like to thank all the people who called a nigga and woke me up on the way to mexico ( we left at 9 somethin… a nigga was sleepy lol ) to say have a safe trip… yap yap yap. Secondly i would like to offer this explanation to all the people i did not tell i was going to mexico for 4 days before the fact : Oops. My bad homie. apparently i only remembered to tell 5 people out of the hundreds i know lol. i came home to a buncha… ” what the […]

Donde Estas El Jefe?

a nigga like me is off to rosirito (sp), Mexico… yes yes i know… dont drink the water… i know… i got it. its cool… ill stick to alchole. lol YEP! and dont worry… im not sending anybody SHIT, i aint pickin up SHIT… you know the drill. ill get back…

The OJ Rules #2

There are several OJ rules… Rule # 2 DO NOT call my black ass if the time does not have double digits… and 0 IS NOT A DIGIT!!! it is a fucking place holder! for anybody that is still confused. this means dont call my black ass untill 11 am. and chances are i will still be blacked out… but my thinking is i should be awake after 11… even on a weekend… the day is wasted after that. this rule here is constantly fuckin broken by damn near everybody i know. my dad just called me at 9:40am… didnt […]

for the fuck of it….

im not a follwer like calvin said he is…. lol but imma buss this shit too… just because i feel like it. 1. What was the first band you saw in concert? The Wu Tang Clan… this shit was fun as hell. there was a buncha opening acts… but the reason i spent my money was because of mos def and tony touch and the wu. mos def is live as fuck in concert… tony touch is tight as well… he gets busy on some turn tables… lol he need to set the mic down for a bit lol. the […]

Green Gold

i promise i dont make this shit up. maybe im just observant. but fuck that… this time i have a witness! Sylvia was in the car with me… she saw the whole shit as it went down… just like i saw it. today i was on the 101 freeway on the way back to the house… in a bit of traffic. so this means its easier to see what people are doing in the other cars around you. i find my self in traffic more than id like to… and ive seen some shit while in traffic. Today lol… im […]

Stop that shit now, while you still can.

this shit here: www.thugzo.com when somebody first sent this shit to me… i sent to to damn near anybody that was on AIM like… gotdammit… this is the gayest site possible. but then… i thought about it. and i came to the conclusion that to say that ” this is the gayest site possible ” would really be an insult to the gay community. a community who really hasnt done shit to anybody else if you think about it. i know some great people who happen to like to have sex with thier respective sexes and thats thier business. and […]

Nigga Calm Down…

This months ” Nigga… calm yo black ass down award ” goes to that violent muthafucka… Ron Artest and his Ugly muthafuckin ass. Yes Yes i realize its pretty fuckin early in the month… but gotdammit. its clear that , that nigga is a fucking shoe in. so fuck it… he can get that shit now. im pretty sure he will do something else this month to make his postion more concrete. this nigga fouls niggas hard as fuck for no reason… doin all kinda dumb shit… i would hate to be on that niggas team… cryin ass nigga lol. […]

March is gonna kill me

March is over… and its a great thing. i fuckin hate march… this was a hard month… mainly because of all the march people birthdays i had to remember and deal with. That shit sucked. People always ask me… oj… what is your beef with females born in march? Well, let me clear it up. For whatever reason… i am weak when it comes to females born in march… its like i gravitate to them. i am natrually attracted for some odd reason… no matter what the fuckin situation… ol girl could be ugly…. and i will STILL kinda like […]