Uhmah Park

Month: March 2003

The Coldest nigga alive

— i meant to post this the other day… but… hey… imma lazy nigga… what can i say… plus im busy most of the time. but this shit was fuckin halarious Drea says: nigga O…as crazy as this sounds…I think I may have found a bigger asshole than you Drea says: :-O OJ says: lol OJ says: its possible Drea says: I didnt think it was Drea says: dis muhfukka was wit his baby moms….she had some crazy shoes on and shit that looked IMPOSSIBLE to walk in… Drea says: anyway…she end up trippin and fallin… OJ says: lol Drea […]

Dont be late, Call 976 WAKE.

lol if i posting like this… imma have to call this shit blowed park…. but anyway… im up watching tv late. and a 976 Wake commercial. i havent seen one of these in so damn long. i remember at one time in my life, i was young, i thought 976 Wake was the tightest shit out. i dont know why. i just did. anyway… i begged and begged my mom to use this shit since she had trouble waking up in the morning. one day she gave in. i was so hyped… my black ass woke up 10 min before […]

Today was a Decent damn day!

My day… was eventful… and basiclly…. worth typing out. in espn’s sportcenter fashion… we are gonna start these highlights with a FlashBlack to yesterday / 3-18-03 / about 7 or 8 pm i was getting out the shower ( water glisinin all overr yoour baaahhhdddyyyy — and to tie that to this — yes, im very blowed at the moment ) and as i go to turn the water off… it doesnt turn all the way off……. ? what the fuck?!? i force pull tug…. nothing… the shit is still going at a slow pour… and basiclly sounds like somebody […]

That Guy at the Bank

Why is it every time i go to the bank, and there is a long line… there is that one white guy standing either two people in front of you or two people behind you… BITCHIN. First… you know… he starts to shake his head and sigh hella loud. with the occasional, ” i cant beleive this ” or… ” this is rediculious…. ” after that… they get real shifty… and start mumbling shit under thier breath… the same ” this is rediculious ” or ” i cant believe this ” but then they start to cuss, and hold out […]


i hate when im online… and i hit up one of the homies… and a couple of minutes later… you get a message saying, ” so and so isnt here, this is his/her whatever the fuck… ill tell them you were trying to reach them ” and i cant help but fuckin wonder… why in the hell dont you just turn the fuckin IM off? what would be so gotdamn hard about that? just turn the fuckin shit off… muhfucka can do all kinda other shit… why cant they turn AIM or some other shit off. it aint like its […]

Dont Diss the Little People

lol jokes and jokes and jokes and joks…. … speghetti… speghetti….. speghetti lol ha… gutty shit… just thought id add that lol O.com: say Max: wassup O.com: you remember the beef between dre and jd? Max: yeah O.com: lol do you remember shortly after that JD had trouble with the irs? O.com: do you think dre could have had anything to do with that shit? O.com: like have somebody look into that niggas personal life and find out he hasnt paid taxes in how ever many years… O.com: and laughed at his ass once he got all his shit taken […]


…. and every other day of march and the evil people born in that janky ass month. march is here people… time to face the music and jump threw hoops while pulling tricks out of your ass for your favorite march person…. unless you were cursed and have more than one march person in your life. lol ha. the best way to describe people born in march is this: a evil difficult person sent by the devil him self to do his bidding and make YOUR sanity a long lost memory. sad but true. and of course a buncha people […]

The Cheese Cake Dairy

yes… its the return of the muffin man… ( fuck calvin for that shit lol ) Well… it turns out i take my cooking a little too seriously… and my pride took that mike tyson right hook to the chin with those two mishaps… but! ( self hype moment ) like the true champ i am… i showed that true championship heart like kobe in shaq in the fourth quarter ( non laker fans… go head and hate… thank you lol ) and jumped back in the kitchen with a vengence… made two cheese cakes in one night… i made […]