Uhmah Park

Month: February 2003

The Chesse Cake Nazi

i think i will retire from making cheese cakes. ive had two real bad experencies… the first… sigh… this shit is devistating… i dont know if i can talk about it. with out crying or some shit. i made this PRETTY ASS Strawberry ChesseCake. it had a layer of strawberries ( they came in a can ) on the bottom with some of the syrup on the bottom… then the cheese cake was poured on top of that. Baked it, waited for a min…. put some strawberries on the top… in the center… it was beautiful… a work of muthafuckin […]

Ku Klux K-9

Can a Dog Be Racist? – The case of the prejudiced pit bull. By Clara Jeffery LMAO WHAT?!?!? holy shit this illustration on this page really takes this artical to another level… i laughed pratically the whole time i was reading this shit!. ahh shit. the picture completes the murder, indeed. lol this shit is ha-muthafuckin-larious! i need to create a new catorgy for this blogger called ” Gutty Links “… Every since i got MT and this conventient MT IT! link ( it doesnt work on mac but i nigga-rigded it ) i can instantly post anything gutty i see […]

My Posses on Broadway

ah yea! MY POSSES ON BROADWAY!!! … in the black benz limo with the cellar phone….. i remember the first time i heard this shit… i was like 7… in tulsa oklahoma… and one of my older cousins was bangin this tape in her walk man… and she let me listen to it… posses on broadway happen to be playing… but at the time… i didnt like it… and that made me not wanna kick it with none of them country ass niggas after that. and my whole reasoning was because they listened to wack music lol. its the guts […]

Theo’s Wedding

F27 Photo Gallery :: The Boyd Wedding Back in December the homie Theo got married… we had a buncha fun… i need to put the video highlights for that shit up… hmm… speaking of which… i been meaning to call that nigga theo… i just cant remember what for. fuck.

Fat Bastard

first of all… i would like to ask… why cant shit ever be easy for me? just routine shit… takes all fuckin night/day/week/month long… like when i changed this site… i just wanted to make a simple tempary layout till i get the other shit i REALLY wanted to do going… but just have something simple up because i hated greymatter. shit was suppose to take a couple hours… how long did it take? A WEEK!!! 5 muthafuckin days…. thats just one example… Sigh… any-muthafuckin-way. im sittin here HELLA EXCITED about my new hard drive i bought from frys… a […]

Did You Know?

First off… i would like to say that i love ESPN’s SportsCenter program. its one of my top 5 favorite TV Shows on Television. the commentators are fuckin halarious… the highlights are fuckin great… they even do serious shit every once in a while…. But i do have one fucking complaint…. at the end of the show they have a segment called ” Did You Know? “. Every single fucking time i see that shit i want to throw something at the TV like FUCK NO i didnt gotdammit know that shit!! Its not like they buss some kinda decent […]

Underrated Pleasure

this might be a lil vulgar for some people… but ahh fuck it. i personally think that taking a piss is an underated pleasure. everytime i REALLY have to take a piss…and i finially get to releive my self… i can not discribe how great that shit is. for some reason i dont think people embrass the pleasure of taking a piss. when people talk about things that please them the most… nobody ever says taking a piss… i can understand how a muhfucka might not be lookin forward to having to piss, like YES i have to piss again!! […]

Super Bowl Weekend Photos

F27 Photo Gallery :: San Diego – Super Bowl Weekend New Photos posted… JD has been buggin my black ass to do this shit for weeks… and i just got time… is here it is! San Diego was hella fun… i cant wait till i find a REAL good excuse to go back down there. I knew we was gonna have fun, because the first night we got there… we went on a quest for food. It was 3 am… and wasnt shit open. We go downtown to see whasup and its a big ass party going on down there. […]

The Eagle Muppet?

Man… i cant think what to write in this muthafucka for shit… i was gonna post some shit about the allstar game… but i didnt wanna get all glazed eyed about mike again — i dont giva fuck… if you are a true basketball fan between the ages of 21 and 30 micheal jordan meant the world to you… that shit was fuckin emotional — and then i did think of some off shit in the car one day… but i cant remember what that was… so fuck it. ill just post converstions between me and the peopel that populate […]