Uhmah Park

Month: January 2003

Dont do it!

ha ha… i had some pretty random thoughts that were interupted earlier, and i fucked around and forgot…. but like puff… THEY CANT BE STOPED!!! speaking of p diddy… i have this folder in my ‘ crate ‘ folder ( my folder with ALL my mp3’s in it ) called ” Commercial Shit “. Yea… so fuckin what… everybody likes them a few commercial hits, and all the ones i favor are in this particular folder. my car deck… that im inlove with… plays mp3 files… so depending on what mood im in when i leave the house… i just […]

Mommy, Whats a Jive Turkey?

this is a Five27 public service announcement. if you dont know what a Jive Turkey is? chances are… you are indeed a Jive Ass Turkey ( JAT for short ) please forfit any ghetto pass you might have mistakenly obtained at the muthafuckin door. that is all. oh my way to San Deigo for the SUPER BOWL!!! ( im not goin to the game… just FOR the parties and what not ) GO RAIDERS!!!!

The World Famous Bumble Bee Story

i started this site ( the blogger part ) because alot of shit happens to me, i see alot of shit… and i wanted to document it. this is one of the things that i have happen to witness… and luckly i brought my camera for proof… becasue sometime… people think i make shit up. i try to explain… i go thru and see off the wall ass shit all the time… not so much since i started my company… but still a lil bit. sometimes i wish i had a blogger way back in 96… when shit was starting […]

Fuckin Shit!

gotdamn fuckin shit it should really be against the law for these hot dogs that im eating to be this fuckin good! miricale whip, mustard, relish… dog right offa the george foreman grill ( yes you can cook hot dogs on that shit! ).. mmm i am really havin a good time… speaking of shit that should be against the law. obvious ass knock offs… such as the fake Coach print… that shit is CLEARLY a G… and its not GUESS or some shit called GOACH or some bullshit like that. everybody who has some fake ass coach print shit […]

i bought the hype….

i guess marketing does work sometime… the last three times ive been to walmart ( one of the most crackinest places ever… i should honestly write about walmart ) ive gone to the hygine (sp) section and looked for Axe body deordorant… that shit with the commercial where they spray that shit… and females lose they gotdamn mind and molest the person who has it on… yea that shit lol yes… i bought the damn hype lol… but anyway… back to my fricken story. so the last three times ive tried to pick some up… why in the fuck is […]

i crack me up

i hate talkin on the phone… but i love when people get the wrong number or solicitors call… that brightens my day… i swear… i just got a call on my cell phone… ” high… is this womens world weekly? ” me: ” no… this is oj… at home… ” ” oh, sorry oj. *laugh*” *click* *ring ring ring* me: ” its still oj at home…. ” ” damn… sorry ” lol heh… i love messin with people on the phone…


first off…. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO but man… if i didnt know what slizzard was before… i have found out the meaning tonite lol the oj is folded. speaking of oj (me)… i been thinking… imma stop going by oj for a min… i will now respond to the name Joe. Joe Smith… simple and plan… easy to remember, easy to forget. it cracks… or… a muhfucka could call me Joey Banannas ( this could change soon ). it cracks! i had fun tonite… the homie drew ( and D and Jesus ) had me out at club soho, downtown […]