Uhmah Park

Month: December 2002

… and fuck christmas some more!

I just got off the phone with one of my ex-girlfriends ( see FYI 1. umm scroll to the bottom of this long ass post… ) and she was telling me about her friend who she had a falling out with because she didnt get her a christmas presnt when they had both agreed to get each other christmas presents. And then… the other day… the girl im seeing was telling me about her mom being pissed at her because she didnt like the gift that she had gotten her… but she didnt like the gifts her momma got her… […]


I absolutely can not stand x-mas. i HATE… HATE HATE xmas… there is so much bullshit attatched to xmas its not even fuckin funny… xmas is a pain in the ass honestly. however… it does wonders for the economy… so i can bare it… this year it has been a little better… i stayed in the house… didnt watch that much tv… it went ok, id say. im not really trying to hate on anyones yule tide joy or whatever the fuck… just keep that shit away from me. but what i hate even more than x mas? people who […]

This just in….

This just in…. cheesecake of any kind has a life expectancy of less than, 48 hours in my house. and to be quite honest… thats too muthafuckin long. in other news… everything is once more correct with the world… i have miricale whipe, bbq sause, peanut butter, jelly and three loafs of bread in the fridge. and to finialize our broadcast… this anchor has a stomachache. polishing off a 4th of a cheese cake with out much else in your stomach is never a good thing. however… it was sweet bliss going down the hatch. tis all….

I dont see Dead People…

i suppose i should write on this shit… anyway. the other day… a nigga like me took a nap. it was like 11 pm ( i normally black out at 4 am, lately anyway ) i woke up at around 1 am. All the lights was on in my room, but the tv was on in the living room and was reflecting outside of my room. Now the lights outside of my room was off and my door was open. i had a pillow over my head and i was hella comfortable when i woke up, and my vision was […]

So…. you wanna be a backpacker huh?

this shit was tha guts… so i thought id paste it for more people to see the homie john ( from south carolina… not my cousin ) showed me this like last week on some message board for hiphop wanna be retards… but this shit had me dyin. HOW TO BE A BACKPACKER By an Asian kid in the suburbs. So you wake up one day and realize your taste in music sucks. And obviously, that means you suck as well. You’re tired, frustrated, hopelessly unhip, and you’re very sick of your Winamp playlist. But wait…… before you pull that […]

I just had a revalation!

man… its 9:33am… and i shouldnt be awake under no muthafuckin circumstances… i shoulda either took my black ass to bed several hours ago… or i should be getting up in like 30 min to a hour or two. but anyway… im up… ( some bullshit has happen inbetween when i started typing this shit out and now so its 10:22am now) and i just had a revalation… i just realized why i dont like R & B music all that much. i dont like r and b all that much because, the artist dont cuss enough for me. i […]