Uhmah Park

Month: October 2002


man… basketball season begins today and a nigga is hella excited!!!! WOOOOOO 4 peat for the lakers!!!! i gotta post the pictures from the laker parade from the thrid championship… if i ever finish this shit im working on… ill do that next…. in closing… i would like to say… fuck the sacramento kings!!!

Jheri Curl Watch ’02

and now…. jheri curl watch 2002 on this edition of jheri curl watch… id like to reference a commerical i just saw… for the chrysler PT Cruiser. the one where the two guys buy a tv and bring it back to the PT Cruiser… and its too small so they go get a bigger one and it wont fit in the elevator… yap yap yap. does the darker guy in the beige shirt have a jheri curl? or am i trippin? the jheri curl is coming back… we cant let it happen. the jheri curl is ungood! lol and speaking […]


i wonder why sheep grow hair all over thier body… except for thier faces? that shit is werid to me. man… and while im thinking about sheep… what tha fuck purpose to sheep serve in the circle of life anyway? ( outside of wool ) all they do is walk around and eat grass… what else do they do? honestly? sheep are the land version of the gold fish… extra pointless… and feeders for bigger stronger animals. i mean fuck… can they even escape a preditor? a gazel can at least run for its life… even a rabbit can make […]

Tryin to Catch the New WC Video

from earlier… i feel asleep. all the bullshit today wore me out. man… im watchin videos today. a hour aint even passed… and im already beyond irritated. normally… i dont watch BET or MTV… but this nigga Calvin ( who finally has comments on his shit ) told me that the new WC video was tha guts. so i got this shit on. lemmie see if i can remember some of the shit ive seen today. ummm… first i caught the end of the BABY video by ashanti… im sorry… but i dont have a problem with ol girl.. but […]

The bestest breakfast

this morning… about 11 somethin i made the bestest ( its a word… kiss my ass.) breakfast. scrambled eggs grits turkey sausage and two wallfles. man… on papper it seems like a bit much. but damn that shit was good. its like 230 am… and im pondering what i should make tommorrow ( this ) morning. because i know imma be up at 9… and wont fuck around and make up my mind till like 10:30. i dont know tho… i might have to work all day tommorrow. we shall see. before i end this. im starting to notice, on […]

Have i mentioned this before?

i would like to take this time out to spread the gospel of Orange Juice. tha shit is good period i suggest upon reading this blogger… you go out and get you some orange juice so you can feel as great as i feel at this very moment. orange juice makes every thing right with the world… momentarly anyway. ahh back to work.