Uhmah Park

Month: September 2002

The Taliban Ants

i have an hour to kill… so i figure i might as well post something here instead of SoulCity . So buss it. I moved from Los Angeles to a …… well.. shit a different part of LA called Reseda ( in the Valley ). And to be nice about shit, Reseda fuckin sucks. and thats as nice as i can be. Anyway, im here… im basiclly stuck here… every time i try to move… somethin happens… so ive given up. anyway… that all might change very soon, because i live with terrorist ants…. Yes… thats right… terrorist ants. No […]

THE WHAT?!?!?!

THE BIRTH CONTROL PATCH?!?!?! fuckin wow…. this shit is lookin like the key to world peace to me right now for some reason… i might fuck around and get a girlfriend now lol im like… half way excited… and laughin at this shit… i cant believe it. it should all wear off in the next couple of min tho.

Ansel Jankins

finially updated the photo page with one gallery i got a 400 mega pixel digi cam for my birthday… and i been takin a ganga pictures with that shit for a couple of months now… ive always had a interest in photography… from long time ago… i just hated gettin the picture devoloped and i want gonna spend all that money on those nice professional cameras. even took a photography class in high school… too bad it was first period and i was blacked out half the semester… or id probably remember soemthing from the class. eh… dah well… ill […]

Chicken and Waffles

i dont know who in the hell thought that fried chicken and waffles would make a great meal… but this person should have been given a nobel peace prize… gotdammit that shit is hella tasty. im am rather satisfied at the moment. i had me some left over, greasy ass, KFC ( we call it Kahphck lol ) and some eggo’s. man.. it was better than being on pico and la brea… didnt have to wait a long ass time to get in the door.. didnt have to worry about sittin some where you didnt wanna sit… and a whole […]

ATL, Gawga

lol that has to be the dumbest spelling of a word ever… and this is commin from a nigga who can not spell all that great. anyway… for the last 3 to 5 days ( depending on who you are… how you count shit… and if i put you on to my where abouts ) i have been in atlanta ga. went on business of course… thats the only reason i really go any damn where. but i did get my sight see on. and here are my thoughts on the City of Atlanta: – There are more Trees than […]