Uhmah Park

Month: August 2002

Fuckin White Boys

thas all i could say. fuckin white boys…. man… i was rollin to my parents house…. and i pull up on this red civic… half assed fast’d and the furious’d sittin on blacks ( the spare tire shits ) i look over see two lil white boys in they lil car… bumpin some shit my radio got stolen a long ass time ago and i cant bring my self to put another one in so i hear everybodys music lol but fuck it… i wasnt payin attention… i figured he was bumpin some wack commercial shit. had the bass all […]

i seen her face before…

remember that old Guy shit? its just a Fantasy…. that shit is stuck in my head… i would like all the readers of this blogger to know that shit. and now… im pretty damn sure… its stuck in yall head too yes… thats it people… suffer right along with the oj. ………. i seen her face before… somethin somethin somethin about a door… lol yes… thats right… let that repeat in your head like it is in mine for NO fuckin reason at all.. i cant even find that shit on the net to download to fill in the parts […]

just a thought.

i know i said my random thought well had ran low… but i just had a thought right now. i wonder when the public will realize that most celebs dont giva fuck what they think about them? well i guess they do to a certian extent… like… you couldnt be a baseball player and have people think you are gay and not give a fuck ( mike piazza lol shit was cold ), lol or like fabolous flamin ass or dmx lol… they cant have people thinkin they gay (…. the truth is out there tho people ) or whatever… […]


i have some odd addictions. i love them… and i dont care… fymf. one of my new ones. Barqs root beer – werid thing is… i dont even fuckin like rootbeer… but i will fuck me up some barqs. not so new… not so weird. Craps – went to vegas this feburary… i love craps… shit is fun as shit. not all that weird… at least i dont think. pacing- i can pace for hours at a time… not thinking about a muthafuckin thing. its almost better than sleep. not really werid… but weird to be addicted to. Mp3’s- i […]