Uhmah Park

Month: July 2002

Pay my bills…

( the title is tha guts for personal reasons lol ……. anyway ) my gas bill is 18 muthafuckin cents and i think that shit is tha guts. because it cost the gas company more to print the shit and send it. lol but on the other hand… my electricity bill is damn near 300 bucks… i have 3 computers, tv’s and the AC runnin all day….. oh and lights, because its dark as fuck in here… but fuck it… its hot… i cant sit in a hot ass house… not no more at least lol. my mom told me… […]

dont you hate these?

one of the homies emailed me this… so fuck it… ill post it here… im bored as hell 1. IF YOU COULD BUILD A HOUSE ANYWHERE, WHERE WOULD IT BE? On one of those big ass undevloped peices of land in fontana, with all kinda spiffy shit on the property. them shits be like 20 acres lol 2. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE ARTICLE OF CLOTHING? shorts. i like the heat 3. FAVORITE PHYSICAL FEATURE OF THE OPPOSITE SEX? hmm… well… i dont have a favorite… imma fan of a nice female body… from head to ankle……………. yes… ankle… i hate feet. […]

2 Wrongs, One Right.

in a world of 2 wrongs, not making one right. if the other muthafucka is wrong… why should i be right? especialy if the violating party(s) were wrong first. what reward to i get for being the bigger person? fuck that, them and it. eye for an eye right? isnt that 2 wrongs? fuck that, again. i want my fuckin revenge.

i was thinkin….

is ventriloquism an excuse for Schizophrenia? or is it the only good form of schizophrenia? lol syliva pointed out to me the other day…. ” hey… you ever notice that all the schizphrincs voices always tell them to do bad shit? ” lol that shit was tha guts

Gutty shit

is he ever gonna post in this thing again? lol who knows… anyway… i signed up for daily comics… i only get three i can really tolerate tho… non sequitiur the boondocks ( gutty shit!! ) and garfeild…. which i have been reading since i was like… 8 lol that shit is fuckin halarious. i remember i used to order the books n shit for reading time in which ever class i was in. i used to disturb the peace laughin at that shit. anyway ( again ) this shit had me cryin the other day.

‘Cuz i got SOUL……

man… i wanna listen to some PE now…. anyway…. after months and months of bullshiting… ive FINIALLY went live with SoulCity. SoulCity? SoulCity is a project of mine, that is basiclly just a message board at the moment… and hopefully can grow. im inviting everybody that reads and responds on this site to join and post. even if you dont repond… even if you have a friend that doesnt read this site… its open to the public completly. so tell ya friends… tell ya mamma n’ nem. SoulCity Enjoy.


Yesterday… Syl left to the nail shop… like 5 min after she left… the phone rings… its sylvia… she says… hey! you know the apt two doors down from us?!?! the police just walked up to the door… and before they asked me if i knew the people that stayed there… then i went to pull out there was all kinda of narcotics unit trucks and cars outside…. i think they are about to do a raid. so here i go… like WHAT?!?! ah shit… imma take pictures!!!! so i hung up the phone… ran outside…. i guess i was […]