Uhmah Park

Month: May 2002

Dammit its hot

I hate all the heat in my apt a muhfucka ever wanted to fuckin have…. it STAY hot in this bitch unless i turn the damn AC on… it feel like the Devil himself stay UPSTAIRS n shit. i dont even have the benifit of living above hell… it feels like i live under hell… its hotter than a church in mississippi… in july its hotter than a german furnace ( sp )… stole that from Brutha Dub…. time out… after ALL these years… i JUST got that joke… and that nigga is goin to hell…. lol dont get me […]

National OJ Observance Day

If you didnt know, i shall inform dat ass. Today, is National OJ observance day… Commonly known as Memorial day. But not so commonly known on this very day in 1979… May 27th… 5 Days in Gemini Season… 23 years ago… the nations day to remember those lost in battle was substituted for a more……… hm… shit… some better shit… that shit is depressing. And so along came ME, on memorial day ( now National OJ observance day ), that sunny day in 1979. And with the birth of me came Sunny days ( damn near gaurenteed ), a day […]

1:33 am Epiphanys

Epiphany? did i spell that right? anyway…. im sittin here working… and i just had a truth come to me. Truth: – It is possible for a Man to get a Female to do damn near anything for him. He just cant ask her directly. Fucked up aint it? and females wonder why they have to put up with so much bullshit… because YALL muthafuckas is FULLA SHIT!! i know what some people who may happen to read this is thinkin… oh… this guy right here is having female problems… ha ha. well no… the oj is not having female […]

Why i hate Six Feet Under…..

i hate that show six feet under… simply because the show starts off fucked up… in the beggining of EVERYshow… a muhfucka die! every show… somebody dies… in the beggining of every show… that could have VERY WELL been my Black ass this last august… when i was in the hospital… bleeding to damn death. i could picture that shit… they show me walkin around for a week with a hurt stomach, each day… loosing more and more color… stomach hurting worse and worse… then finially on friday, i damn near pass out like 5 times… and then finailly go […]


sigh… looks like i will spend my summer in the punk ass valley this summer. i suspect that i will be overwhellmingly muthafuckin bored and attempt conpensate my bordem by buyin shit that i really dont need. when what i really need to be doing is saving my duckets ( lol remember that word? ) and repairing my credit. but since i will be in tha sorry ass valley… i think imma have a very hard time on focusing on my credit situation. i dont think it would be so damn bad if i didnt hate my aptartment so much. […]

good news….

The OJ has health insurance now ( woooooo ) i broke in my air force uno’s… i just said fuck it and put them muhfuckas on and walked till it didnt hurt no more…. now… i dont have to buy them k swiss… but i will be getting these here jordans . only problem is… i was tryin to stop rockin so much blue… but fuck it. those crack. ( woooooooo some more ) and lastly… i just came from the baskin robins around the corner, i walked… was breakin in the air force uno’s… during the course of this […]

i wear my k swiss.. part two

lol drea be on it. Drea says: lite-skinned kid wit tha fro was on Road Rules…he had dreadz at tha time and was datin that white chick with tha brown hair…the same one with that indian girl who was real bitchy. never saw tha shit lol so i didnt know anybetter lol. in other news… kwasi’s mind is finially at ease lol

Movies / Muisc

Saw: Changing Lanes – Good movie i suppose… i wouldnt watch it again… not that it sucked… i mean… shit… forwhat? ( if youve seen it you can probably understand my point ). To tell the truth, thats just not tha kinda person i am… i cant watch movies like this more than once. But if you havent seen it… go see it… Sam L is one of my favorite actors. Tha Ladies Man- finially… lol that shit was tha fuckin guts Duce Bigalo, Male Gigalo- once again… finially saw this shit… twas tha damn guts too… Bamboozeled- Hm… now… […]

i wear my k-swiss

lol corny ass commercial… and now… we join oj and kwasi, while they discuss the newest commercial by k swiss…. The OJ: i wear my k swiss………. The Unsinkable: LMFAO The Unsinkable: hella naw The OJ: i….. wear……. my k swiss… The Unsinkable: that’s commercial is so retarded The OJ: lol man help me… i think imma fall victim to marketing The OJ: lol that shit is corny The Unsinkable: hahahahhahahahhahahahaha The Unsinkable: who is the light skinned kid wit the fro The Unsinkable: i know him from somewhere The Unsinkable: but i can not remember The OJ: damn… The […]

Gutty shit i see # 5

i am convienced that i only see really funny shit in the company of one of my cousins. and thats just it. Rialto CA, last weekend – last weekend i went to my parents house in Alta Loma for the weekend… got there… wasnt shit really going on except a buncha television viewing, so i was like fuck it… went to my cousin Reefer Bandermans newly aquired house ( went to jd’s house ). Really wasnt a damn thing goin on there either except some the late playoff game that was showing and just me and this guy shooting the […]