Uhmah Park

Month: April 2002

something is wrong with me…

ok… remember how i had that old ass al b sure song stuck in my head… i finially remembered it… well… i remembered which one it was earlier… anyway.. that very next day… i had ” dont be cruel ” stuck in my head, by bobby brown lol… dont know why… but i sho nuff was singin that shit… then on the way to the car earlier today… i caught my self singin some old ass keith sweat… and i been singin that shit ALL today… some old.. Make it last n shit. ( that was this morning ) i […]

we’ve been invaded

man… i hardly ever watch BET. they do some shit that… eehhh fuck it… why complain? its easier to just not watch it. anyway… i wanted to see a interview on bet tonite. but i blew it… because i was sititn here and after it went off… i fucked up and didnt turn off the tv. end up watchin midnight love… i HATE most r and b… some of it is alright… but for the most part? that shit is awful. first video that comes on… musiq… i guess dude has a new cd or single or something ( i […]

yea baby

i was in a fantasy basketball league. on my team.. i had: kobe bibby stockton quienten richardson micheal finnely walley serbeak (sp ) tim duncan pj brown valade zo ben wallace and wesly person lol my teams name was: the L.A. Gangbangers lol during the regular season i finshed 3.5 games outta first place. ( i finished second for the slow people. ) i dominated during the first two rounds of the playoffs… then came the championship. that sh.it was two and a half weeks long ( tha normal games were a week long ) the first week was close… […]


for some strange reason last night… when i was ATTEMPTING to black out… i had a strong urge to listen to al b. sure. i dont know why….. good news in the morning tho… tha urge passed. all is once again well ( kinda ). GIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRLLLLL lol

Gutty things i see..

i was sittin at my computer(s) minding my own damn bidness… when i looked out the window to see the manager of my apt building in a twism shirt. now this normally wouldnt be that funny ( other than tha fact that nobody is wearing that shit anymore ) but…. tha manager of my building is a white lady. an middle aged white lady who looks like Janis Joplin… long ass nasty hair… hippied out… she always looks like she has on her pj’s actually… she looks like a nerdy version of Janis Joplin… because she wears THICK ass classes… […]

Dont Believe the Hype – The Snooze Button

Why is it…. that every time a muhfucka hit tha snooze button for that extra 5 to 7 min of rest… it NEVER fuckin works? you STILL be just as sleepy 5 to 7 min after you just hit that bullshit. that 5 to 7 min feels like a hot 30 seconds. still wake up pissed off… still wake up tired as shit… the snooze button is hype… and my black ass is sleepy.

hit the wieghts!

man… i havent played basketball since the summer.. and my black ass is HELLA SORE ( i balled yesterday ) ran like 4 games in a row… by game 2 i was tired as fuck by game 4 i was damn near dead. but me, brutha dub and some of tha other homies are joining this adult league that starts in May. and im tryin to get in shape and work on my game a tad. hopefully i dont fuck around and kill my self before then. only thing tho… i wish people wouldnt block me out so much… so […]

took a look in my rear view

the other day… me and syl were comin back from………. shit… some where i cant remember… anyway… were rollin down the street… and i took a look in my rear view mirror… and i see this big ass… old ass el camino pull up behind me. normally… this wouldnt be a problem. But then i notice… that there is no one in the driver seat ? i take a closer look, focus in more… and i see that there are only HANDS on the sterring wheel. so now im think im trippin… so i all the way pay attention and […]