Uhmah Park

Month: March 2002

Can You Hear Me Now?

Fuck you! did you hear that shit? i fuckin hate that got damn verizion commercial. so much damn hype… them fuckin phones dont work that gotdamn good… because i cant get ANY phone reception in my damn apt. i have to go outside… and stand still with my head tiled back and to the left at a 18 degree angel n shit. bastard… if i ever see dude… or one of the marketing people for verizion… im goin upside somebody head…

Sunny days

im so damn happy its starting to get warmer… my cousin ( JD ) has been over here for the last couple of days and i had to go to the computer store with this nigga ( imma undercover computer nerd… jd… recently converted ) and i got to wear shorts!! hell yea… i was so damn happy when i checked outside and it wasnt cold!! i almost didnt know how to act. its 12:08 am of the next damn day… and im still happy about that shit. speaking of happy… like last week my ex ( we’re really good […]

Late Morning Activities

Working from home has is benifits… i love the shit. means you can ( sometimes ) run your errands during the day while most people are at work… no traffic and what not. there are , however, drawbacks. old people. today… i went to the grociery store to pick up a few things… and oddly couldnt find good parking. ? ok… so what… actually did come up on a cool spot… caught somebody pulling out. anyway, i walk into the store… and i had to dodge a couple of old people. not really dodge but i had to walk around […]

If you dont like this country so much…

anywhere you go… i am gonna find you everywhere you go… ill be right behind you… just to let you know and constently remind you… you will never be as dope as i am… gotdamn!! -aceyalone i truely think if even 60% of Black people in this country just decided they had enough of the bullshit… and got together to move out of the country for a more stable homeland and all around better situation… i dont think the government would really let us leave. or there would be an “accident” in route to our new homeland. couldnt get us […]

OJ vs. Church – Round 2

Round 1- for anybody that missed tha shit and dont know what im talkin about ok. i would firstly like to say… reguardless of what people may think, believe or desire to be the truth. i do not post shit on this site to entertain anybody, well… maybe my self, and a few of my friends. but really…. i just post some of the shit that i go thru or that might be on a nigga mind at tha moment. i dont sit up and come with material like this is stand up. because if i did… id charge muthafuckas […]

ass kicking day.

eBay item 1710504973 (Ends Mar-10-02 05:41:47 PST ) would you look at this shit? gotdamn. you can tell sometime by a person actions… one or two things they have never had they ass kicked… or if they have… tha ass kicking they recived wasnt good enough. tha muthafucka that posted this shit? needs they ass whooped… tha dumb bastard tha posed for tha fuckin picture…. need his ass kicked too tha muhfucka that sent me tha link…. and i think is kinda serious about buyin this costume… if that muhfucka didnt stay way in bumfuck south carolina… id kick his […]

i fuckin hate starbucks

i fuckin hate starbucks… but all the meetings i ever have seem to take place there. OH that shit sucks… that fuckin place sucks all of em i havent been to one i actually like yet… all them muhfuckas be dirty as hell!! crumbs and all kinda other foul shit be all over tha fuckin place. dirty coffee drinkin muthafuckas. the whole enviornment is just fuckin ugh i cant put my finger on tha shit ever last one ive been to ( even tha magic johnson ones ) i was very uncomfortable for whatever reason. and id say… its because […]