Uhmah Park

Month: February 2002

So, you wanna take it back to the good ol days?

im cool on the good ol days homie talk that shit if you want to. people complain about how bad shit is sometime… dont realize that shit could go back to the way it was… real easy. think about it… what would you do? really… what would you do. be on some fuck that shit? 90% of the population, really aint ready to die for what they believe in. most people… would just be mad. in thier desinated spot.


i wonder what is it about me… that i see so much off shit. last night… i was taking a break, just stretching… walking around my room. and then… i decided to turn on the tv to watch my favorite show… sportscenter. i turned on the tv and it was on KTLA ( channel five- the wb ) and in my scramble for The Great Remotedini. i find that shit… and i look up and see these two midgets in suits… ? why are these midgets in suits? so i start to pay attention to these to weee little guys. […]

Pink day

eh.. other than valentines day havin a ganga pink shit involed ( and red shit too cuzz *private joke* ) i actually like valentines day…. usually i get plenty affection on valentines day. and for the first time… in a long time ( probably ever ) i only had ONE valentine… i never saw this shit commin… its cool tho… only wanted one… couldnt handle no more this go round lol and besides…. i had a good day. ( wooooo ) even tho i was working most day ( only means more money… wooooo some more ). its probably the […]

When Tall Black People Attack

I swear so much bullshit happens to me. and i have witnesses…. syl, my cousins, my sister just to name a few. i always either SEE some retarded shit… or some dumb shit HAPPENS to me. Buss this bullshit. The other day… me and syl went over to Burbank, to Ikea over at the media center spot. we got out the car and we are walking thru the parking lot structure… we get to the entrance to the stucture… and there are some cars leaving the parking structure ( like we were trying to do ) then… this rav4 pulls […]