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retarded shit

hell muthafuckin naw……. what kinda shit?

lol this guy kwasi

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you ever see those monster truck commericals?


why is this a sport? is it a sport?

where is the compitition? who can roll over already rolled over cars the fastest?

i mean foreal… why?

foreal… why? come on man… lol. tha track is super short… its only like 6 cars… they are already crushed… they dont replace em after every race. is the point even to crush the fuckin cars??

white trash are hella uninventive and easy to entertain….

seems like a wide open market lol.

On GP (General Purposes)

the uhmah scripts….

The Five27 Manuscripts section of my site is now done and avliable for viewing…

yea i know i bullshited on doing it… and that is simply because i am a lazy/busy muhfucka.

i know your asking your self… wow? how can a muhfucka be LAZY and busy at the same time? well… depending on what time of the day you ask me… i might say some shit like… ” im busy at being lazy ” or something along those lines.

but the truth is… ive been working… alot… and i dont have time to do too mucha shit that wont make me any money.

A lil about the Manuscripts.

for those who dont know me too well ( most people ) i do get my write on sometime. i have a ganga shit oh my hard drive to post on there… and eventually… ill do it. but for now… blam…

i still have more to add to that shit….

particularly the bumble bee story. but that is gonna be my next project after i finish my company site… which i am DETERMINE to fuckin finish! im just a tad bit burnt tha fuck out right now. i have to start working 8 hour days… or i wont make it. im gonna try to see about purchasing a PS2 so i can spend some time away from this damn thing ( from one source of raidation to the other huh? ).

i have alot of shit i want to do to this site ( this is not a blogger site for those who didnt damn know… its just a section of the site ) its gonna be pretty damn big once i finish. i have a message board on this shit too ( finially ) but tha shit is ugly, so i have to spiff that up… and i still need a name ( either my friends know im too picky… or they just aint wortha shit when it come to help lol )

lastly… im gonna be redesigning this shit. its gonna take a cool min… well maybe not… i have to get my experiment on, to see if tha shit i wanna do will work for some other shit i have to do that is gonna count!

anyway… thats all.

On GP (General Purposes)

i fuckin blew it this time boy….

ok…. in NORMAL circumstances i pride my self on learning from other peoples mistakes…

so usually when a nigga blows it… i have no previous examples.

but aint no way in tha fuck i coulda really saw this comming.

ok… i already have this stupid ass fear of getting all my socks and draws stolen. because i live in an apartment building… and i cant keep my eyes on my shit when i wash it.

but here my lazy ass goes… i was starting to run out of socks and draws… i was down to my “nigga needs to do laundry” draws… you know those ones you bought, and for some reason or another… they are uncomfortable as fuck?? i mean… these muhfuckas will fuck over your whole day! but for some reason you keep that muhfuckas… mostly for those times you keep puttin off laundry.

so anyway… i needed to wash my damn clothes… but for some odd ass reason… i kept finding my self at walmart? so… every time i went to walmart… id buy some new socks and draws ( mostly because i love gettin new socks and draws, dont ask me why? ) well… of course… the threat of me running out of clean socks and draws to wear went away for awhile.

but man… i musta really found my self at walmart alot… because i havent did laundry in almost three months, you know only 3 pairs of draws come in a pack… and 6 pairs of socks… my black ass… was buyin 2 packs of draws and a pack of socks. ( i know yall is sayin… well fuck.. was tha nigga walkin around with dirty clothes on too? no… bought new clothes too lol NOT FROM WALMART THO!… im fuckin lazy )

so now… a nigga has ALL these new pairs of draws and socks. well…. i havent been to walmart in a COOL min… so tha other day… i had to break down and wash my clothes. fine. not a damn problem.

now… my shit is clean… its time to put tha shit away……….. put it away…. in tha drawers… tha drawers where they always go…. the drawers that now no longer fit all my NEW socks and muthafuckin draws!!!

im so mad…

aint no way in tha hell i could have saw a damn problem like that commin…

now… i have no place to put my clean socks and draws.

AND im out of hangers….

this is some bullshit…

anyway… back to hangin shit up

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2:22 am confessions

the other night… at 12:22 pacfic standard time… and 2:22 am texas time, tha homie, J-Dubya… calls me and confesses that the peanut butter and jelly sammish this nigga had just made was tha livest shit he’s tasted in a very long time.

i dont remember what tha nigga said verbatum…

but basiclly he hyped tha fact that tha pbj he was snackin on was hella good.

lol nigga was blowed by the way..

if anybody is wondering.

i am the pbj man round these parks.

so thats why tha nigga felt the need to call me and let me know what is goin on lol.

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Big Birthday Shout Goes too….

Sylvia G!!

my syl rocks…

happy birthday holmes

love you man!

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fuck flash

flash is tha fuckin devil

who ever evented tha shit needs to be drug into the middle of the street and fuckin shot.

On GP (General Purposes)


damn good movie


im just mad it took me so damn long to see tha shit.

oh well.

good movie none the less!

On GP (General Purposes)

Your nothin but a Hater!


this word is thrown around too often.

if i dont like some shit another nigga like… this bastard is quick to call me a hater… just because i dont like what he likes…

what kinda dumb ass shit is that?

For example.

Lets say…. if OJ doesnt like something RJ likes…. ( just an example… my cousin has more gotdamn sence than tha retards around this muhfucka ) RJ says to OJ: Ahh nigga… stop hatin… this shit is tight!

– Enter plain and simple fuckin logic –

did it ever occur to you, stupid muthafucka, that i just might have different fuckin taste than yo dumb ass?

dammit.. that just urks my shit.


lets take another example….

If somebody sends me some shit they drew up. And they ask me if i like it… and i say no… ALL of a muthafuckin sudden… imma hater?

maybe you just fuckin suck?

ever take that into consideration smart guy?

or maybe… yo as is just on some way off shit to me… and that bullshit you bussin aint in my particular realm of acceptence!

Now… lets say….

RJ ( we will use this nigga again… just an example for tha slow ass non-reading muthafuckas ) gets a new car…. and OJ ( me ) starts talkin a buncha shit… like ahh that nigga thinks he’s hard cuz he got some new shit… or… so what… his car sucks… or… fuck that niggas damn car… or… my car is still better than that nigga shit. or fucka rj car.

Then just… id be fuckin hating then.

then who ever was around… could say… AH nigga your a hater!

and fuckin pres-gotdamn-to… tha shoe fuckin fits… and id be forced to wear tha shit.


lets not get tha shit confused!

if a nigga tells me… RJ gotta new car… and i say some shit like…. ok?… thas cool… or thas nice… or thas good for rj… or whooty fuckin do.

am i hating? no! i just dont fucking care!

and thats not hating people. thats just not giving a fuck about another person. because… hey… they really dont make or break your damn day. or you could possibly just not favor tha muthafucka.

Proper use of the word “hater” is not all that damn hard to graps tha fuck on to. but unfortunatly for niggas like my gotdamn self…. i have to be troubled with muthafuckin retards who dont know any fuckin better… and say tha shit because they heard thier favorite commerical ass rapper say tha shit.

am i mad about this shit?

hell yea…


because today… like 5 gotdamn times… i have heard of examples of some dumb fuck using this word out of context on some dumb shit.

and i have hit my dumb shit limit for this day.

im muthafuckin finished.

Next…. i will go into my discust about tha word “Holla”

but ill save that shit for tha next time some dumb ass pisses me tha fuck off

( which will probably be soon )

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bullshit…. via tha barrio

Barrio…..Vadeo… umm vadio… shit… tha hood, ese style… i dont know how to spell that shit… and that is why this is some muthafuckin bullshit

ive been living in califorina my WHOLE LIFE ( not counting tha 15 months i spent in HELL )

southern califorina….

and there are a lot of latinos here…

i mean more than plenty… it was thiers first… fuck it. who cares. shit aint mine…

its cool…

in my 22 years… ive had alot of mexican friends…

i mean alot… damn near as many mexican friends as black friends…

but not ONE of them muhfuckas wanna teach my black ass spanish….

i now even LIVE with a latino… can a nigga get a spanish lession?

hell no

buss this bullshit!

in that super long ass entry a couple days ago… i said i moved in with a latina… thinkin i was gonna get some mexican food and some spanish lession… and Syl replies:

now i really feel like an asshole because im reading this after making breakfast burritos for damn near 4 days straight.



and i did too teach you spanish

pinche cabrone!!!

sylviaG || 1/7/02 || 9:40 PM

pinche cabrone huh?

why when you ask a latino to teach you spanish… they automaticlly teach you some cuss words?!?!?!?!



that is just some janky shit right there boi…

plain and simple…

Only shit syl has ever taugh me was some damn cuss words…

and some vato slang…. ( which actually could be pretty damn useful… have you seen triaining day? that part of the movie wasnt hype lol )

and please notice the words ” did too ” like she is FINISHED or some shit….

ive been knowing Syl for a year and some months… and this muhfucka think she done… cuz now i can understand a muhfucka if they talkin bad on me…. gotdammit… can i get some context?!!?!? instead of just some key words??


it is no longer niggas and flies that are always on some shit…. this saying has now been expanded to our latino bruthas and sistas…. janky muthafuckas lol shit… YALL know ebonics… but niggas cant get a phrase here and there?

all tha spanish i know came from TWO muthafuckas…. one tall sweaty hairy white dude from spain i wanted to hit with tha first louisville i came up on…. that muthafucka looked like Febbie from friends and Oscar the Grouch’s child of lust…..

and tha other one… was this 5 foot 4 inch mexican ball of fuckin fruit! gotdammit he was gay! i dont have a problem with gay people… but i hated that muthafucka!

usually when your in the 9th/10th grade… and your not a bad kid… your not really gonna tell the teacher whats on your mind… but this muhfucka… damn… i just really had to let his ass know what was going on. he really used to pick on me like tha shit was funny or amusing… muhfucka used to ruien countless days for me!i swear that guy had a hand in making me tha asshole i am to this day. i used to have to think of FUCKED UP shit to say to him with out getting a referal lol. i hurt dude feelings a couple times lol… he wouldnt leave me alone man. lol he was mad he had to gimmie that B lol. all the patients i was alotted for the whole life was burnt up in spanish one and two thanks to those two muthafuckas.

two years of hell…. and all ive ever needed spanish for was to ask the time……..

kinda shit is that? and now i dont remember 90% of tha shit

terrible business…..