Uhmah Park

Month: December 2001

i just had a thought….

time out… what tha fuck… lol… why would you set out milk and cookies for santa claus? if you think about it. by the time that fat bastid ( he probably stank ) get to the milk… that shit has to be extra Warm! what kinda shit is that? if i was him… id be kinda pissed off about that shit… think about it… who likes room tempature milk??? all tha germs floating in the air n shit…. settling in the milk. that shit is just unsanitary. ugh… anyway fuck x-mas. this was a wack day for me…. i didnt […]

Fucka bah-humbug

and fucka christmas… i muthafuckin hate christmas. however… i am pro stimulated economy…. so carry on. i did my part… i bought some shit ( a ganga shit lol ), but it wasnt for fuckin christmas… it was strickly because i (we… cuz oj didnt really get anything lol) needed the equipment and to do my part on contributing to a healthly economy. today… i will watch the laker game… and have miles davis and john coltrane (maybe some public enemy and anything else that i feel like listening to today ) assist me with disturnbing the peace…. oh yea… […]

We Say So INC.

i just thought of something… i may not be able to start We say so inc…. ( pauses for the crowds big sigh ) yes i know… but thas only because… when you start a gang… you have to have some sort of hand sign…. im pretty sure everybody is thinkin… well yea… tha hand sign would be the ‘W’. a ‘S’ is too gotdamn hard to make and it looks stupid… and you can throw it up quick lol. so… i think we might need a new gang name unless i can think of some shit. ( or somebody […]

Black Starr….

JD is tha nigga…. nigga came thru and i got like 7 cds off the nigga… tha 4th redman ( doc is the name ) the gorillaz cut masta kurt ( i think thas tha muhfucka name… he said it was live, fuck it ) tha rza ( first one ) black moon ( onslaught… i think ) dr octogon instrumentals ( tha fuckin regular version wouldnt burn…. i hate niggas who abuse they damn cds…. talkin about it gives them character and life or some dumb shit like that…. retard lol ) and BLACK STARR!!! i been tryin to […]

ahhh cuzz….

man… please somebody tell me i wasnt the only nigga who saw this shit: yesterday i was watchin the NFL highlights like i always do… im sittin here workin… and i here the sports guy go: former UCLA Bruin (sp) somebody Mitchell Caught his first NFL pass today… from donvan mc-nabb from the 14 yard line… yap yap yap… i look over soon as he said “former ucla” and i see McNabb sling tha ball over to this man… it was really a good ass catch… he had somebody trying to deny him the ball and they was all on […]

i crack me up…..

lol i crack me up…. tha kwas told me that he hates javascript sometime…. i feel that shit tho… bp will make you HATE fuckin javascript ( this is not why he hates it ) but java script is like a gun… sometimes you need it… but alotta times its used for EVIL! damn bp sha-nay-nay and dem design group…. murderin niggas computers…. how you crash a BRAND new fuckin computer?!?! muhfuckas dont want to see raining pictures of you and your man! or any other various animated gif. that shit is annoying.


gotdammit! jay-z is gonna fuck around and get his ballon popped… striaght up!!! SPOKEN BY JIGGA ON A NY FREESTYLE TRYING TO FIND SONG da clan’s after me now, haha,it’ll neva stop..& it’s only a matter of time before Meth signs wit da roc” “i’ll sun ya men,kill ya army…i’m no stranger to danger,put holes in ya 36 chambers,from 36 chambers” “ain’t no need to ask, of course it’s war..with the 9 “brothas” who can’t win 1 source award” “it’s funny how i thought i’d never diss..a bunch’ of “brothas” whose carreers fell off after the double disc.” “it’s too […]

Saw this on Kwasi Site.

i saw this on kwasi site…. and since i am a breast man ( actually imma everything man… im hella picky lol ) i figured it would only be right to support. get your click on… The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman. It takes less than a minute to go to their site & click on “donating a mammogram” for free (pink window in the middle). Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily […]

Where you from FOO!

i woke up earlier this week with a thought. Imma start a Gang. yes… a gang… like tha crips, bloods, alphas, omegas, aka’s, zetas, deltas, chirstians, catholic’s, muslims, semtic jews, brown pride, 13th street, the mason’s, the mafia, the russian mob, the CIA, ( id say the united states, but doin 99 years for rackateering aint my thing… they dont like compitition… ). yes… these organizatioins are all essentially gangs, if you really think about it. if you dont belong… they probably dont like you. if you dont belong… you cant go to certain functions, you cant do certain shit… […]